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Set up your home gym for only 64,000/-

The breakdown goes as follows

  1. Gym weights-60kg(10kg-4pcs 5kg-4pcs) @320 per kg=19200
  2. 1 straight bar-5000
  3. 1 utility bench-17000
  4. 1 home use squatrack complete with its own J hooks when you want to hit barbell based exercises such as incline and flat bench press with use of utility bench-12k
  5. Landmine rowing attachment with special bar-8k

At Wilad Sports with just a budget of kshs 358,000 you can set up your own classic gym establishment this package is an incentive for this festive season to enable one to get all the necessary equipment needed in a gym and if you choose to take up this package you’ll be able to enjoy up to ksh60,000 discounts for buying this package of equipment at their best discounted prices.

The breakdown for this package is inclusive of the following;

  1. Gym weights-300kg at a discounted rate of kshs 300per kg( total 90,000) instead of it regular price kshs 320 per kg.(96,000)
  2. Heavy commercial squatrack with six weight racks-offer price is kshs 30,000 instead of kshs 35000
  3. Preacher curl-kshs15,000 dicounted price instead of kshs 17,000
  4. Heavy commercial bench fully adjustable with landmine attachment for rowing -kshs30,000 instead of kshs35,000
  5. Bars- 1 heavy weight Long squat bar (10kg)@kshs 7,500 instead of.kshs 8,000

3 Bench bar each at 4500(13500) instead of kshs 15,000

3 Short curl bar each @3500(kshs10,500)instead of kshs 12,000 original price

4 pairs Dumbell rods @ kshs4000 a pair

NB: All bars at Wilad sports come inclusive of custom made steel locks and non are similar in quality than ours.

  1. Utility bench-@ kshs 15,000 discounted price instead of kshs 20,000
  2. Heavy commercial leg press machine (450kgs+) @ kshs80000 discounted price instead of kshs95000 original price.
  3. Latpulldown machine @kshs50, 000 instead of kshs 70000 original price

We invite all serious customers to take advantage of our special offer this festive season contact me via 0713143831.

For More Information Contact Wilad Sports and Gym equipment Tel: 0713143831

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