Uasin Gishu County Assembly Tenders & Supplier Prequalification

Uasin Gishu County Assembly Tenders & Supplier Prequalification

Uasin Gishu County Assembly invites sealed tenders and pre- qualification from reputable, competent and interested companies for the supply and delivery of the following goods, works and services for the 2018/2020 Financial Year. Bidders are informed that goods, works and services will be procured on “As and when required basis”

Interested bidders are encouraged to download free from our website 7/8/2018


  1. UGCA/T/001/2018/2019 Supply And Delivery Of Staff Uniforms And Protective Clothing/Gear. women
  2. UGCA/T/002/2018/2019 Supply And Delivery Of General Office Stationery.- women
  3. UGCA/T/003/2018/2019 Supply And Delivery Of Soaps, Detergents, Disinfectant And Insecticides.-youth
  4. UGCA/T/004/2018/2019 Supply And Delivery Of Petrol, Diesel, Oils And Lubricants.-Open
  5. UGCA/T/005/2018/2019 Supply And Delivery Of Tyres, Tubes And Batteries. -Open
  6. UGCA/T/006/2018/2019 Provision Of Security Services. -Open
  7. UGCA/T/007/2018/2019 Provision Of Insurance Services- Underwriters Only
  8. UGCA/T/008/2018/2019 Supply And Delivery of Toner cartridges and computer accessories- Special groups
  9. UGCA/T/009/2018/2019 Provision Of hotel conference facilities, full day package services-Open
  10. UGCA/T/010/2018/2019 Supply And Delivery Of Computer, Laptops, Printers and Hansard equipment.-0pen
  11. UGCA/T/011/2018/2019 Supply And Delivery Of Bottled Water -Special groups
  12. UGCA/T/012/2018/2019 Provision Of Sanitary Disposal Services PWD
  13. UGCA/T/013/2018/2019 Supply And Delivery of Newspapers. PWD
  14. UGCA/T/014/2018/2019 Supply And Delivery Of Flowers. PWD
  15. UGCA/T/015/2018/2019 Provision of GPA/WIBA insurance services Underwriters Only


  1. UGCA/T/016/2018/2019 Pre-qualification for Supply And Delivery Of Sports, Kits & Equipment-Open
  2. UGCA/T/017/2018/2020 Pre-qualification for Supply And Delivery Of Electrical Appliances And Fittings-Open
  3. UGCA/T/018/2018/2020 Pre-qualification for Supply and Delivery of Office Cabinet, Equipment, Fittings & furniture-Open
  4. UGCA/T/019/2018/2020 Pre-qualification for Supply And Delivery Of General Hardware And Building Materials.-Open
  5. UGCA/T/020/2018/2020 Pre-qualification for Provision Of Printing Services. Women
  6. UGCA/T/021/2018/2020 Pre-qualification for Provision Of Air Tickets and Travelling Services (IATA Members)-Open
  7. UGCA/T/022/2018/2020 Pre-qualification for Servicing And Repair Of Computers, Laptops, Photocopiers & printers-Youth
  8. UGCA/T/023/2018/2020 Pre-qualification for Supply, Delivery And Servicing Of First Aid And Safety Kits-Youth
  9. UGCA/T/024/2018/2020 Pre-Qualifications For Repairs And Servicing Of Motor Vehicles-Open
  10. UGCA/T/025/2018/2020 Pre-qualification Of General & Civil Engineering Works Contractors.-Open
  11. UGCA/T/026/2018/2020 Pre-Qualification For Consultancy Services (Baseline, Customer, Employee, Work Environment survey, Training Research And Policies Etc-Open
  12. UGCA/T/027/2018/2020 Pre-qualification for Provision Of Dry clean Services. Women
  13. UGCA/T/028/2018/2020 Pre-qualification for Provision Of Media Services. Open
  14. UGCA/T/029/2018/2020 Pre-qualification for Provision Of Cleaning Services Eg Carpets, Curtains Etc.-Youth
  15. UGCA/T/030/2018/2020 Pre-qualification for Provision Of Legal Services Open
  16. UGCA/T/031/2018/2020 Pre-qualification for Repair and maintenance of Automatic Generator.-Open
  17. UGCA/T/032/2018/2020 Pre-qualification for Repair and maintenance of Hansard Equipment-Youth

NB: Special groups i.e People with disabilities, youth and women enterprise from Uasin Gishu County Only are encouraged to apply and to attach:-

  1. Certificate of AGPO (Access to Government Procurement Opportunities)

The below listed documents are mandatory for two categories stated above:-

  1. Copy of certificate of incorporation/ registration.
  2. Copy of valid Business Permit.
  3. Copy of current Tax compliance Certificate from KRA.
  4. Copy of current CR12 with copies of National ID/Passports of the directors/shareholders/sole proprietors issued within the last 12 months.

The Uasin Gishu County Assembly invites eligible suppliers who must be registered with relevant authorities/professional bodies and ministries to submit their CV’s and relevant testimonials for considerations in prequalification and subsequent invitation to tender as appropriate.

The pre-qualification documents must be accompanied by the following;-

  1. Copy of certificate of incorporation / registration.
  2. Copies of certificate of registration with said ministries, professional body, or relevant authorities as may be applicable.
  3. List and values of all contracts works performed in the last 2 years.
  4. Contacts of at least two major clients who may be contacted for further information on these contracts.
  5. Equipment owned (of which documents should be available) and any that can be readily hired at short notice.
  6. Qualifications and experience of key personnel.
  7. Authority to seek reference from bankers and clients.
  8. Certificate copies of PIN and VAT registration certificates.
  9. Physical address.
  10. Provide audited accounts for the last 2 years.
  11. For electrical installation works, contracts must be registered with Ministry of Energy.
  12. Letters of recommendation from two major clients.
  13. Company profile.

Dully completed bid documents must be serialized and accompanied with samples of items tendered for (where applicable) should be returned in plain sealed envelopes bearing no mark or identification of the bidder but only marked ‘Tender No’…… and addressed to:

Clerk to Uasin Gishu County Assembly

P.O. Box 100-30100


The bid document should be deposited in the tender box at the County Assembly main entrance so as to reach us on or before Wednesday 22nd August 2018 at 10.00AM. The tenders will be opened immediately thereafter at Uasin Gishu County Assembly Committee room. All tenderers or their representatives may attend the opening of tenders.



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