Nairobi Impala Club Tenders Prequalification Notice 2016

Nairobi Impala Club Tenders Prequalification Notice 2016

Impala Club wishes to invite sealed applications from interested, eligible, capable individuals and firms for prequalification to supply goods, works and services for the year 2016/2017 as envisaged in below category.

Category A Services

  1. IC/PQS/001/2016-2017 Provision of Cleaning Services, Detergents, Soaps, Disinfectants & Toiletries.
  2. IC/PQS/002/2016-2017 Provision of Sanitary Services, Pest Control and fumigation services.
  3. IC/PQS/003/2016-2017 Provision of Laundry services
  4. IC/PQS/004/2016-2017 Provision of Motor vehicle Hire services (Taxi, Cars, Mini Buses and Buses).
  5. IC/PQS/005/2016-2017 Provision of Legal Services
  6. IC/PQS/006/2016-2017 Provision of Generator Maintenance Services
  7. IC/PQS/007/2016-2017 Provision of Insurance Services
  8. IC/PQS/008/2016-2017 Provision of HR Consulting Services
  9. IC/PQS/009/2016-2017 Provision of Website Design and Hosting.
  10. IC/PQS/010/2016-2017 Provision of Cloud Storage
  11. IC/PQS/011/2016-2017 Provision of Club Management System (CMS).

Category B Supply of Goods and works

  1. IC/PQS/012/2016-2017 Supply and delivery of Computers, printers, scanners other related ICT accessories (tonners) and maintenance services.
  2. IC/PQS/013/2016-2017 Supply and delivery of general Office Stationery (Files, printing papers, staples, pins etc.
  3. IC/PQS/014/2016-2017 Supply and Delivery of Office Furniture
  4. IC/PQS/015/2016-2017 Supply and Delivery of General Hardware, Plumbing Materials, Assorted Electrical Materials.
  5. IC/PQS/016/2016-2017 Supply and Maintenance Service of Air Conditioners and Mechanical Ventilators.
  6. IC/PQS/017/2016-2017 Supply, installation and maintenance of Safes and Time Locks
  7. IC/PQS/018/2016-2017 Supply and installation of Security Equipment and Back-up Systems for CCTV, access control etc.
  8. IC/PQS/019/2016-2017 Supply and installation of Network Equipment and Related
  9. Upgrades, Servicing and Maintenance of the same.
  10. IC/PQS/020/2016-2017 Supply and Maintenance Services of Fire Fighting Equipment
  11. IC/PQS/021/2016-2017 Supply of Staff Uniforms and protective Clothing
  12. IC/PQS/022/2016-2017 Supply and installation of kitchen equipment’s and domestic appliances
  13. IC/PQS/023/2016-2017 Supply and installation of Gym equipment, repair and Maintenance services.
  14. IC/PQS/025/2016-2017 Provision of asset Tagging/coding.
  15. IC/PQS/026/2016-2017 Supply and Maintenance Services of water, Sewerage, Swimming Pool Pumps and Pool Chemicals.

Category C Beverages and drinks

  1. IC/PQS/027/2016-2017 Supply of soft drinks
  2. IC/PQS/028/2016-2017 Supply of drinking water and water dispensers
  3. IC/PQS/029/2016-2017 Supply of wines and spirits

Category D Consumables

  1. IC/PQS/030/2016-2017 Supply of dairy and related products.
  2. IC/PQS/031/2016-2017 Supply of fresh produce and fruits.
  3. IC/PQS/032/2016-2017 Supply of dry food items and cereals.
  4. IC/PQS/033/2016-2017 Supply of meat and meat products.
  5. IC/PQS/034/2016-2017 Supply of fish and fish products
  6. IC/PQS/035/2016-2017 Supply of chicken and chicken products.
  7. IC/PQS/036/2016-2017 Supply of Eucalyptus and menthol
  8. IC/PQS/037/2016-2017 Supply of LPG Gas

The following documents are mandatory and must accompany submissions:

  1. Copy of certificate of incorporation / Registration/Business name
  2. Copy of valid tax compliance certificate /Pin certificate/Vat certificate
  3. Business permit
  4. Evidence of Business Premise
  5. Letters of recommendation from at least three of your major clients
  6. Audited books of accounts for the last two or three years and bank statements for at least six months.

Interested firms may obtain a complete set of prequalification document from the procurement Office upon payment of a non-refundable fee per tender document of Ksh. 3000/= in Cash Payable to our Bank ACC. 0451549553 Barclays Hurlingham Branch. All current suppliers are advised to reapply a fresh. Tenders accompanied by tender document payment slip must be delivered in plain sealed envelope marked tender number, name addressed to: The Secretary, Impala Club P.O. Box 41516- 0100 Nairobi. Completed prequalification documents should be deposited in the tender box at the reception as to be received not later than 2nd May 2016.

NB/Detailed mandatory and technical evaluation criteria is contained in the prequalification document.

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