Meru County Assembly Tenders 2016

Meru County Assembly Tenders 2016

The County Assembly of Embu invites interested and competent potential suppliers of Goods, Works and Services for the financial years 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 as follows;



  1. CAE/FC/001/2016-18 Provision of Conference and accommodation facilities Open
  2. CAE/FC/002/2016-18 Provision of outside Catering Services Open
  3. CAE/FC/003/2016-18 Provision of Legal and Legislative Drafting Services Open
  4. CAE/FC/004/2016-18 Provision of Air Travel Agency Services (IATA registered) Open
  5. CAE/FC/005/2016-18 Provision of ground transport Open


  2. CAE/001/2016-18 Supply & Delivery of Airtime Special
  3. CAE/002/2016-18 Supply & Delivery of Water Dispensers and Bottled water.
  4. CAE/003/2016-18 Supply of Cleaning materials, detergents and soap Special
  5. CAE/004/2016-18 Supply of General Office Stationery Open
  6. CAE/005/2016-18 Supply of Office Furniture and Fittings. Open
  7. CAE/006/2016-18 Supply of Photocopiers, Servers, Scanners, Computers, Laptops, Printers, UPS and Softwares.
  8. CAE/007/2016-18 Supply of Newspapers, Magazines & Periodicals. Special
  9. CAE/008/2016-18 Supply of telephone equipment and accessories. Open
  10. CAE/009/2016-18 Supply of staff Uniform and Clothing. Open
  11. CAE/010/2016-18 Supply of computer accessories, toners and cartridges. Open
  12. CAE/011/2016-18 Supply and Delivery of Communication Equipment, PA Systems,Cameras, LCD projectors, Recorders, Tablets and related equipment.
  13. CAE/012/2016-18 Supply of Motor Vehicle Tyres, Tubes and Batteries. Open
  14. CAE/013/2016-18 Supply of Electrical Equipment and Fittings. Open
  15. CAE/014/2016-18 Supply of Hardware/Building Materials and Paints. Open
  16. CAE/015/2016-18 Supply and Delivery of Kitchen and Household Appliances
  17. CAE/016/2016-18 Supply and Delivery of Beverages and fresh milk Special
  18. CAE/017/2016-18 Supply, Delivery, Installation and Commissioning of CCTV Security Systems, Fire and Safety Gadgets.
  19. CAE/018/2016-18 Supply of supermarket items. Open


  1. CAE/019/2016-18 Provision of Internet and Networking Services. Open
  2. CAE/020/2016-18 Provision of Editing, Design and Printing Services. Special
  3. CAE/021/2016-18 Provision of General Survey (work Environment,Customer satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction and Corruption perception)
  4. CAE/022/2016-18 Repair and Servicing of ICT related Equipment. Special
  5. CAE/023/2016-18 Repair and Maintenance of Office Furniture and Fittings. Open
  6. CAE/024/2016-18 Provision of Pest control and Fumigation Services Open
  7. CAE/025/2016-18 Provision of newspaper advertisements open
  8. CAE/026/2016-18 Cleaning of Curtains, Sofa sets and Dry Cleaning Services. Special
  9. CAE/027/2016-18 Installation and Maintenance of Air Conditioners. Open
  10. CAE/028/2016-18 Provision of Security Services. Open
  11. CAE/029/2016-18 Provision of Asset Marking/Tagging Services. Special
  12. CAE/030/2016-18 Provision of Partitioning, Building and Civil Engineering Works. Open
  13. CAE/031/2016-18 Provision of Electrical and Plumbing Works. Special
  14. CAE/032/2016-18 Provision of Training and Capacity Building Services Open
  15. CAE/033/2016-18 Provision of consultancy services Open

The special groups (youth, women and persons living with disabilities) must be registered with national treasury/ County governments and other relevant bodies (Attach copy of AGPO certificate). Special criteria will be used to evaluate categories reserved for the special/target groups.

Sets of registration documents may be obtained during normal working hours from the Procurement Office at County Assembly of Embu free of charge. Framework contract tender documents may also be obtained from the Procurement Office at a non-refundable fee of Ksh.1,000 payable at Accounts department. Completed original and a copy of bid documents are to be enclosed in a plain sealed envelope marked (Original & Copy) , clearly marked “TENDER NO.—————————————— FOR —————————————” should be deposited in the TENDER BOX, situated at the County Assembly Offices, or if mailed, addressed to:-


P,O BOX 140-60100


So as to reach not later than 10.00 a.m. on 18th May, 2016. The bidding documents will be opened immediately thereafter in the Committee Room. All bidders or their representatives who choose to attend are invited. Tenders received after the stated time or date will be returned to the bidders unopened.

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