KEWASCO Kericho Water & Sanitation Company Tenders 2016

KEWASCO Kericho Water & Sanitation Company Tenders 2016

Kericho Water & Sanitation Company Limited (KEWASCO) invites Sealed Tenders/Services for the Financial Year 2016/2017 for the below listed items: Tenders are opened to all eligibility criteria set in the tender document.


  1. KEWASCO/1/2016/2017 Provision of General Insurance Services Open
  2. KEWASCO/2/2016/2017 Provision of Staff Medical Insurance Scheme Open
  3. KEWASCO/3/2016/2017 Provision of Security Services Open

Registration of Suppliers

  1. KEWASCO/4/2016/2017 Supply and Delivery of Volumetric Rotary Piston and single/ multi-jet Polymer cased Body Cold Water Meters Complete with self non-return valve and Liners Open
  2. KEWASCO/5/2016/2017 Supply and Delivery of Water Treatment Chemicals Open
  3. KEWASCO/6/2016/2017 Supply and Delivery of Office Furniture and Fittings Open
  4. KEWASCO/7/2016/2017 Supply and Delivery of Laptops, Desktops ,Printers, Photocopiers and Computer Accessories Open
  5. KEWASCO/8/2016/2017 Supply and Delivery of Printer Cartridges and Toners Open
  6. KEWASCO/9/2016/2017 Supply and Delivery of Electrical Fittings and Accessories Open
  7. KEWASCO/10/2016/2017 Supply and Delivery of Uniform, Protective Gears and other Linens. Open
  8. KEWASCO/11/2016/2017 Supply and Delivery of General Office Stationery Open
  9. KEWASCO/12/2016/2017 Supply and Delivery of UPVC Pipes and its Associated Fittings. Open
  10. KEWASCO/13/2016/2017 Supply and Delivery of HDPE Pipes and Associated Fittings. Open
  11. KEWASCO/14/2016/2017 Supply and Delivery of GI pipes, its Fittings and General Stores. Open
  12. KEWASCO/15/2016/2017 Provision Services for Small Civil and Water Works. Open
  13. KEWASCO/16/2016/2017 Provision of Legal Services Open
  14. KEWASCO/17/2016/2017 Provision of Environmental Audits/Environmental Impact Assessment Services. Open
  15. KEWASCO/18/2016/2017 Provision of Integrated Management System (ISO 9001:2008 QMS, ISO 14001:2004 EMS and OHSAS 18001:2007). Open
  16. KEWASCO/19/2016/2017 Provision of VOIP Telephones & Infrastructure Open
  17. KEWASCO/20/2016/2017 Provision of Asset Tagging System Open
  18. KEWASCO/21/2016/2017 Provision of Audit Services on VAT Claims Open
  19. KEWASCO/22/2016/2017 Provision of Time & Attendance Biometric System. Open
  20. KEWASCO/23/2016/2017 Supply of Fuel, Oils and Lubricants. Open
  21. KEWASCO/24/2016/2017 Provision of Servicing of Motor Vehicles, Spares , Repairs and Maintenance Open
  22. KEWASCO/25/2016/2017 Provision of Servicing of Motor Cycles Spares, Repairs and Maintenance Open
  23. KEWASCO/26/2016/2017 Supply and Delivery of Motor Vehicle / Motor bikes Tyres, Tubes and Batteries Open
  24. KEWASCO/27/2016/2017 Maintenance of Computer Hardware, Printers,, Photocopiers & Other Related Equipment Open
  25. KEWASCO/28/2016/2017 Maintenance of Local Area Network (LAN) Special Groups
  26. KEWASCO/29/2016/2017 Supply and Delivery of Cleaning Materials, Detergents, Disinfectants, Tissue Papers and Bar Soaps Special Groups
  27. KEWASCO/30/2016/2017 Supply, Delivery and Installation and Servicing of Firefighting Equipment Open
  28. KEWASCO/31/2016/2017 Supply and Delivery of Curtains , Blinds and Brails Special Groups
  29. KEWASCO/32/2016/2017 Development & Provision of E-Procurement Portal Open
  30. KEWASCO/33/2016/2017 Printing and Publication of Newsletters, Brochures, Diaries, Calendars, Books of Accounts, etc Special Groups
  31. KEWASCO/34/2016/2017 Supply and Delivery of Paints Open
  32. KEWASCO/35/2016/2017 Provision of Hydrological Assessment Services Open

The Special Groups (Youth, Women and Persons with Disabilities) must be registered with National Treasury/ County Governments, and other relevant bodies (attached copy of AGPO certificate). Special criteria will be used to evaluate categories reserved for Special/ Target groups. Special/Target groups may choose to apply for registration in categories open to public. However all applications for categories open to the public will be subjected to the same evaluation criteria.

The tender documents containing detailed information on the tenders can be obtained from the Procurement Office, upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Kshs. 1,000.00 through Company Banking Agents or Bankers’ Cheque payable to Kericho Water and Sanitation Company Limited. Tenderers may download tender documents from Kericho Water and Sanitation Company Limited Website  free of charge. Applicants who download the tender and registration documents shall email their names, contacts details and tender number to .

Dully filled and complete tender documents Clearly Marked “Tender No……” and “Closing Date” should be addressed to:

The Managing Director

Kericho Water & Sanitation Company Limited,

P.O. Box 1379-20200, KERICHO. , Tel No.052-2020602 , Email:

Deposited in the Tender Box situated at the Cash Office so as to reach on or before 5th May, 2016 not later than 12.00 Noon. Tender and registration documents will be opened thereafter at the KEWASCO Office, in the presence of Tenderers representatives who chose to attend. KEWASCO reserves the right to accept or reject any tender in part or whole and not bound to give any reasons thereof.

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