Kenyatta National Hospital Tenders

Kenyatta National Hospital wishes to invite sealed tenders from eligible candidates for the under listed goods, works and services:

  1. KNH/PQ/01/2019-2021 Prequalification of Legal Services for 2019-2022 CLOSING DATE: 30/7/2019
  2. KNH/T/49/2019-2020 Procurement of works for ventilation and Air conditioning of clinic 66 Theatres and Hospital Engineers Seminar Room CLOSING DATE: 30/7/2019
  3. KNH/RFP/02/2019-2020 Request For Proposal for Energy Audit Services CLOSING DATE: 30/7/2019
  4. KNH/RFP/01/2019-2020 Request For Proposal for Debt Collection Services CLOSING DATE: 30/7/2019
  5. KNH/T/51/2019-2022 Framework Agreement for Supply and Delivery of vaccines CLOSING DATE: 30/7/2019
  6. KNH/T/52/2019-2021 Supply and Delivery Sutures CLOSING DATE: 31/7/2019
  7. KNH/T/53/2019-2021 Supply and Delivery of Orthopedic Implants CLOSING DATE: 31/7/2019
  8. KNH/T/54/2019-2020 Supply and delivery of Chicken and Eggs.(Reserved for Youth, Women & People Living With Disability) CLOSING DATE: 31/7/2019
  9. KNH/T/21/2019-2021 Supply and delivery of Stationary & Printed Medical Records. CLOSING DATE: 31/7/2019
  10. KNH/T/55/2019-2020 Provision of Tax Consultancy Services CLOSING DATE: 31/7/2019

The interested eligible candidates may obtain further information and inspect Tender Documents at the Supply Chain Management Department Room No.6, Administration Block from Monday to Friday between 9:00am to 4:00pm.Tender documents with detailed Specifications and Conditions can be downloaded free of charge from the KNH Website ( ) and on the Public Procurement Information Portal ( ). Hard copies can be obtained from the office of the Deputy Director, Supply Chain Management located at the Hospital’s Main Administration Block Room 6 from Monday to Friday between 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Kshs.1, 000.00 per tender document via Mpesa pay bill No.626088, Account Number –Name of Supplier and obtain an official receipt from Cash Office (Administration Block).

Bidders who choose to download the tender documents from the website free of charge should immediately email their name and contact details (cell phone number, email, and company name) to:  for records and communication of any tender clarifications and addenda.

There shall be a Mandatory Site Visit on 16th July 2019, 10:30am at Kenyatta National Hospital for Tender KNH/T/49/2019-2020 Procurement of Works for ventilation and Air conditioning of clinic 66 Theatres and Hospital Engineers Seminar Room. All bidders MUST fill the site visit certificates attached in the tender documents and the certificates should be signed by authorized staff of the Hospital.

Completed tender documents must be returned as specified in the tender document and deposited in the Tender Box situated at the Kenyatta National Hospital Administration Block, Supply Chain Department entrance on the above mentioned dates on or before 10:00am and be addressed to:

The Chief Executive Officer –KNH

P.O. Box 20723, 00200

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