Kenya Versace Perfumes & Fragrance

Kenya Versace Perfumes & Fragrance

Get the best prices for all VERSACE PERFUMES from us.

The prices are great compared to others, because we are economical. Every coin counts.

We have a wide range of Versace perfume including:

  1. Versace Bright Crystal (90ml) sh5900/-
  2. Versace Eros for women (100ml) sh7100/-
  3. Versace Eros Pour Homme Sh5500/-
  4. Versace Pour Homme for men sh5700/-
  5. Versace Red Jeans (75ml) spy 3900/-

Call/Message/Whatsapp Fragrance Kenya|Tel:0790528259 for more info

**Free Delivery across Nairobi. Cash on delivery/Mpesa accepted**

All products are authentic and original. We do not sell imitations, testers or knock offs.

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