Kenya School Equipment Production Unit SEPU Tenders 2016

Kenya School Equipment Production Unit SEPU Tenders 2016

School Equipment Production Unit (SEPU) invites sealed applications from eligible candidates for the purpose of registering suppliers for supplies of various goods and services for the financial year 2016-2017 as follows.


  • Supply & Delivery of Computers, Printers & Photocopiers Open
  • Supply & Delivery of Laboratory Equipment & Materials Open
  • Supply & Delivery Hardware Materials; Electrical materials, Timber, Paints, Tools, Building materials. Open
  • Supply & Delivery of Newspapers, Magazines,& Periodicals Open
  • Supply & Delivery of Office Furniture Open
  • Supply, Delivery & Maintenance of Fire Fighting Equipment. Open


  • Provision of Marketing Services for SEPU Products on Commission Basis Open
  • Provision of Legal Services Open
  • Provision of Transportation Services Open
  • Provision of Security Services Open
  • Provision of Garbage Collection and Disposal Services Open
  • Provision of Sanitary Services Open
  • Provision of Insurance Services, GPA, Motor vehicle, Group Life, e.t.c Open
  • Provision of Maintenance & Repair of Motor Vehicles Open
  • Provision of Events Organizer & Outside Catering Services Open
  • Provision of consultancy services Open
  • Provision of Clearing and Forwarding Services Open
  • Provision of Maintenance & Repair of Workshop Machines Open
  • Provision of Debt Collection Services Open


  • Provision of Printing Services Women, Youth & PWDs
  • Provision of Small Works, Minor Repairs & Renovation Women, Youth & PWDs
  • Provision of Repairs & Maintenance for Computers, Photocopiers & Printers Women, Youth & PWDs
  • Supply of Fresh Milk, Sugar, Tea Leaves, Bar Soap, Tissue Paper e.t.c Women, Youth & PWDs
  • Supply of Staff Uniform and Protective Clothing Women, Youth & PWDs
  • Supply & Delivery of Office Stationery (Tonners, Cartridge e.t.c) Women, Youth & PWDs


  1. a) The Youth Women and PWD are required to have a registration certificate from the National Treasury.

Interested bidders may obtain the relevant registration documents from SEPU procurement office located inside University of Nairobi, Kenya Science Campus off Ngong Road Nairobi, during normal working hours from Monday to Friday between 8:00am and 5:00pm.The documents may also be downloaded from the link free of charge.  The completed registration documents must be submitted in plain sealed envelope marked with tender number and description to:-
P.O. BOX 25140-00603, NAIROBI

And deposited in the “Tender box” at SEPU office not later than 10:00 HRS on Thursday 19th May 2016.

Registration documents will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of the Applicants or their representatives who choose to attend the opening at 10:00 HRS at SEPU Board room. Late bids will be rejected and returned unopened.

SEPU reserves the right to accept or reject any prequalification in whole or part without giving reasons thereof. Canvassing will lead to automatic disqualification

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