Kenya Red Worms Dealers

Kenya Red Worms Dealers

Red worms or Eisenia fetida, eat waste organic matter from the farm, kitchen, livestock manure and convert it into high quality organic fertilizer or vermicompost to be used in organic farming. Red worms are pure proteins and are used to feed chicken and fish to make them more healthy, grow faster and for chicken to lay more eggs.

RED WORMS FARM – KENYA is one of the largest breeders of red worms in East and Central Africa.

We sell various red worms kits as follows:

  • 5 Kgs kit Ksh 5,000 suitable for a small urban house kitchen garden
  • 10 kgs kit for Ksh 10,000 suitable for a medium kitchen garden
  • 15 Kgs for Ksh 15,000 suitable for a small vegetable farm
  • 45 Kgs kit for Ksh 45,000 suitable for medium farm farm
  • 100 Kgs for Ksh 100,000 suitable for a large farm

You can keep worms in buckets, half plastic drums and beds measuring 3 ft by 10 ft. Large commercial composting to make tons and tons of compost is possible using concrete beds measuring 4 ft wide 2ft -4 ft high and it can be as long as you want from 10 ft to 30 ft

We train farmers buying worm kits free in our farm on how to benefit from worm farming.We can sell and send the red worms to any part Kenya or East Africa using courier services. We can also export the worms to any part of the world.

Email us on | Call 0713 032 797 | Ruaka By-pass, Limuru Road, after the Village Market, Nairobi.

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