Kenya Export Processing Zones Authority Tenders 2016 – Over 100 Tenders Available

Kenya Export Processing Zones Authority Tenders 2016 – Over 100 Tenders Available



EPZA TENDER No. 25/2015-2016


The Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA) is a state Corporation under the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Trade. EPZA is mandated to promote, attract and facilitate export oriented investments under Kenya’s Free Zones as provided for under the EPZ Act Cap 517, Laws of Kenya. EPZA invites applications from interested and competent firms processing the requisite skills, resources and experience for the pre-qualification of suppliers for the under listed categories for the financial years 2016-2017 and 2017-2018.

  2. GP/001/2016 – 2018 Supply and Delivery of General Office Stationery, Printed Office Stationery, Printed Forms, File Folders Etc
  3. GP/002/2016 – 2018 Printing of Brochures, Magazines, Christmas Cards, Calenders, Diaries, Wall Planners, Booklets & Newsletters, Infopack And Other Branded Promotional Materials And Clothing E.G T-Shirts, Kikoys, Branded Caps Etc, Gift Items E.G Handicrafts, Banners(Roll Up And Drop Down), Designing And Mounting Of Shows Exhibits And Display
  4. GP/003/2016 – 2018 Supply, delivery and Installation of computers, laptops, printers, computer equipment, hardware and related accessories,
  5. GP/004/2016 – 2018 Supply, Delivery and Installation of audio visual equipment, public address system, projectors, electric screens, whiteboard and related items
  6. GP/005/2016 – 2018 Supply and delivery of toners, cartridges and dot matrix ribbons for printers
  7. GP/006/2016 – 2018 Supply and delivery of general office equipment, office furniture, fittings and safe
  8. GP/007/2016 – 2018 Supply and delivery of carpets, upholstery, blinds and related materials
  9. GP/008/2016 – 2018 Supply and delivery of staff uniforms, riding gear, protective gear and clothing
  10. GP/09/2016 – 2018 Supply of safety equipment and first aid kits replenishing
  11. GP/010/2016 – 2018 Supply of fresh cut flowers and flower/floral arrangements
  12. GP/011/2016 – 2018 Supply and delivery of newspapers, magazines, periodicals and publications
  13. GP/012/2016 – 2018 Supply and delivery of library books and other resource materials
  14. GP/013/2016 – 2018 Supply and delivery of calling cards e.g. Safaricom, Airtel, Orange and Yu scratch cards
  15. GP/014/2016 – 2018 Supply and delivery of bottled water, leasing of dispensers and maintenance of dispensers
  16. GP/015/2016 – 2018 Supply and delivery of milk
  17. GP/016/2016 – 2018 Supply and delivery of electrical fittings
  18. GP/017/2016 – 2018 Supply and delivery of water pipes, water accessories and fittings, plumbing items and related water items and equipment
  19. GP/018/2016 – 2018 Supply and delivery of water meters
  20. GP/019/2016 – 2018 Supply and leasing of water bowsers and exhausters
  21. GP/020/2016 – 2018 Supply and delivery of water pumps and waste water pumps
  22. GP/021/2016 – 2018 Supply and delivery of water and waste water treatment chemicals and re-agents
  23. GP/022/2016 – 2018 Supply , delivery and Installation of generators
  24. GP/023/2016 – 2018 Supply and delivery of general hardware, gardening and maintenance items
  25. GP/024/2016 – 2018 Supply and delivery of agricultural equipment
  26. GP/025/2016 – 2018 Supply and delivery of cleaning materials, soaps, detergents & disinfectants
  27. GP/026/2016 – 2018 Supply and delivery of tyres, tubes & batteries
  28. GP/027/2016 – 2018 Supply and delivery of paint
  29. GP/028/2016 – 2018 Supply of tree, flower and plant seedlings
  30. GP/029/2016– 2018 Supply of Flags and Flag holder for different countries
  31. GP/030/2016-2018 Supply and delivery of pocket phone radios and accessories
  32. GP/31/2016 – 2018 Supply and delivery of physical security equipment, scanners, walk through detectors, handheld metal detectors and search mirror
  33. GP/32/2016-2018 Supply and installation of Air conditioning equipment
  34. GP/33/2016-2018 Supply of kitchen items i.e. cookers,fridges,cutlery and Gas
  36. GS/001/2016 – 2018 Provision of document scanning and electronic document management system , archiving of old records services
  37. GS/002/2016 – 2018 Provision of asset marking/tracking of assets system
  38. GS/003/2016 – 2018 Provision of signage services, graphic designer services, exhibition stand services, construction, decoration and branding, corporate branding, communication and marketing services, event management services, media liaison services and media coverage, activation services, public relation services, photography, videography and documentary production services, publicity and advertising services through print, electronic and social media, outdoor displays and billboards
  39. GS/004/2016 – 2018 Provision of interior décor services
  40. GS/005/2016 – 2018 Provision of delivery and courier services
  41. GS/006/2016 – 2018 Provision of travel agency services, air ticketing and travel arrangements – IATA registered.
  42. GS/007/2016 – 2018 Provision of structured cabling, wireless services and network equipment
  43. GS/008/2016 – 2018 Provision of website hosting and maintenance services
  44. GS/009/2016 – 2018 Provision of mailing system
  45. GS/010/2016 – 2018 Provision of computer software, licenses and antivirus services, Supply and Provision of GIS software and equipment, engineering survey software and equipment (GIS, GPS, leak detectors and training services), investor and customer database – CD ROM or Web based subscription services and ICT Software & Applications
  46. GS/011/2016 – 2018 Provision of wide area network services, supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of IP Phones and telecommunication equipment, Supply, delivery and Installation of CCTV equipment and services, Supply and Provision of TV equipment and services
  47. GS/012/2016 – 2018 Provision of audio visual services, public address system, hiring of projector and electric screens
  48. GS/013/2016 – 2018 Provision of sanitary services, cleaning services, upholstery, parquet and carpet cleaning services
  49. GS/014/2016 – 2018 Provision of fumigation and pest control services
  50. GS/015/2016 – 2018 Provision of landscaping, maintenance and upkeep of flowers and plants services
  51. GS/016/2016 – 2018 Provision of security services
  52. GS/017/2016 – 2018 Provision of hospitality, meeting venue, and catering services
  53. GS/018/2016 – 2018 Hiring of tents, tables and seats
  54. GS/019/2016 – 2018 Provision of transport, car hire and taxi services
  55. GS/020/2016 – 2018 Provision of towing, recovery of motor vehicles, motor cycles and tractor services
  56. GS/021/2016 – 2018 Provision of alarm and car track systems
  57. GS/022/2016 – 2018 Provision of debt collection services
  58. GS/023/2016 – 2018 Provision of auctioneering services
  59. GS/024/2016 – 2018 Provision of legal services
  60. GS/025/2016 – 2018 Provision of property and land valuation services
  61. GS/026/2016 – 2018 Provision of insurance brokerage services
  62. GS/027/2016 – 2018 Prequalification of insurance underwriters
  63. GS/028/2016 – 2018 Provision of translation services – English to Kiswahili, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic and Spanish
  64. GS/029/2016 – 2018 Provision of clearing and forwarding services
  65. GS/030/2016 – 2018 Supply of motor vehicles & customized utility vehicles
  66. GS/031/2016 – 2018 Provision of lift inspection services, Supply installation, commissioning and maintenance of lifts
  67. GS/032/2016 – 2018 Provision of computer system and cybercrime investigations services, Provision of digital forensic investigations, recovery of data and email information services
  68. GS/033/2016 – 2018 Provision of garbage collection and disposal services
  69. GS/034/2016 – 2018 Provision of laboratory services for drinking water and wastewater quality analysis
  70. GS/35/2016-2018 Provision of Legal Audit services and Governance Audit
  72. CW/001/2016 – 2018 Consultants for Market Research & Surveys
  73. CW/002/2016 – 2018 Consultants for change management
  74. CW/003/2016 – 2018 Consultants for performance evaluation, performance analysis and capacity development
  75. CW/004/2016 – 2018 Provision of consultancy services in management, human resources training and team building
  76. CW/005/2016 – 2018 Provision of human resources recruitment and selection services
  77. CW/006/2016 – 2018 Provision of ICT consultancy and training services
  78. CW/007/2016 – 2018 Consultants for strategic planning and business planning
  79. CW/008/2016 – 2018 Consultants for integrity training
  80. CW/009/2016 – 2018 Consultants for risk management
  81. CW/010/2016 – 2018 Consultants for feasibility studies
  82. CW/011/2016 – 2018 Consultants for architectural services
  83. CW/012/2016 – 2018 Consultants for structural engineers
  84. CW/013/2016 – 2018 Consultants for civil engineers, water and waste water works
  85. CW/014/2016 – 2018 Consultants for quantity surveyors
  86. CW/015/2016 – 2018 Consultants for mechanical engineers
  87. CW/016/2016 – 2018 Consultants for electrical engineers
  88. CW/017/2016 – 2018 Consultants for land surveyors
  89. CW/018/2016 – 2018 Consultants for civil engineering survey services
  90. CW/019/2016 – 2018 Consultants for property valuers
  91. CW/020/2016 – 2018 Consultants for property managers
  92. CW/021/2016 – 2018 Consultants for urban & physical planning
  93. CW/022/2016 – 2018 Consultants for environment impact, strategic environmental Assessment Studies and environment audits
  94. CW/023/2016 – 2018 Provision of firefighting equipment and training services
  95. CW/024/2016 – 2018 Provision of training on disability and gender mainstreaming, training on drug abuse, training on HIV/AIDS
  96. CW/025/2016 – 2018 Provision of foreign languages training
  97. CW/026/2016 – 2018 Provision of legal services
  98. CW/027/2016 – 2018 Provision of short term training courses on water and waste water management
  99. CW/028/2016 – 2018 Outsourcing for piece work labour services
  100. Consultants for master planning of EPZ zones
  101. CW/029/2016 – 2018 Provision of security management and awareness training, security consultancy and risk assessment services
  102. CW/030/2016 – 2018 Provision of work place health and safety audits
  104. MS/001/2016 – 2018 Repairs, refurbishment and maintenance of buildings (small works contractors), Building, civil works and general contractors
  105. MS/002/2016 – 2018 Repair and maintenance of toilets, plumbing and drainage works
  106. MS/003/2016 – 2018 Repairs servicing and maintenance of Lifts
  107. MS/004/2016 – 2018 Repairs, servicing and maintenance of generators
  108. MS/005/2016 – 2018 Repairs, servicing and maintenance of air conditioning equipment
  109. MS/006/2016 – 2018 Repairs and maintenance of firefighting equipment
  110. MS/007/2016 – 2018 Repairs, servicing and maintenance of computers, printers, photocopiers, UPS, servers, anti-virus/ IT security solutions, Local/ Wide Area Network and Wireless Network etc, maintenance of PABX, telephone & telecommunication equipment, audio visual equipment, public address system, LCD projectors and electric screens
  111. MS/008/2016 – 2018 Repairs, servicing and maintenance of office equipment
  112. MS/009/2016 – 2018 Repairs, servicing and maintenance of office furniture and fittings
  113. MS/010/2016 – 2018 Repair and maintenance of motor vehicles / garages
  114. MS/011/2016 – 2018 Repair and maintenance of tractors and other agricultural equipment
  115. MS/012/2016 – 2018 Provision of sewerage system unblocking services
  116. MS/013/2016 – 2018 Repair and maintenance and servicing of boilers and incinerators
  117. MS/014/2016 – 2018 Repair, servicing and maintenance of water pumps and motors
  118. MS/015/2016 – 2018 Repair, maintenance and servicing of fire hydrants, bulk flow meters, testing and calibration
  119. MS/016/2016 – 2018 Provision of welding and fabrication works
  120. MS/017/2016 – 2018 Provision of crane services for maintenance and repair of street lights
  121. MS/018/2016 – 2018 Periodic cleaning of transformer and high tension panel rooms
  122. MS/019/2016 – 2018 Provision of borehole services, sub-mercible and surface pump servicing
  123. MS/020/2016 – 2018 Provision of water tinkering and exhauster services
  124. MS/021/2016 – 2018 Pre-qualification of contractors for electro – mechanical works

Interested, eligible and competent firms may obtain further information and inspect the pre-qualification documents detailing the requirements from EPZA Procurement Offices on 01st Floor, Administration Building ,Viwandani Road, off Nairobi – Namanga Highway, during normal working hours and upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Kshs.1,000.00 per set of documents for each category in cash or bankers cheque payable to the cashier on second floor, at the Export Processing Zones Authority Offices, Administration Building, located on Viwandani Road, off Nairobi – Namanga Highway –Kitengela. The applicant or his / her agent will pick tender document at the procurement office, 01st floor of the same building upon production of a payment receipt.

Completed pre-qualification documents in plain sealed outer envelope enclosing separately sealed envelopes (in “Original” and “two copies” properly bound) ALL clearly marked EPZA TENDER NO: 25/2016-2018 – PRE-QUALIFICATION OF SUPPLIERS: – CATEGORY ……. CODE NO. ……. and addressed to:-



P O BOX 50563-00200


Should be deposited in the Tender Box on Ground Floor, Administration Building, Viwandani Road, off Nairobi – Namanga Highway on or before 24th May, 2016 at 11.00 a.m. local time. Pre-qualification documents will be opened immediately thereafter in the Conference Room on Ground floor, of the same building in the presence of bidder representatives who choose to attend.


EPZA reserves the right to accept or reject any application either in whole or in part without giving reasons for either rejection or acceptance. Late applications shall be rejected. Electronic bidding shall not be permitted. Canvassing will lead to automatic disqualification.

Youth, Women and Persons With Disabilities are encouraged to apply.

NB: The original receipt issued upon payment shall be attached to the tender documents submitted to EPZA as proof of payment. Any application presented without the original receipt shall be rejected at preliminary evaluation stage.

Note that the Ksh 1,000 (One Thousand Shillings) non-refundable fee is payable for each category that a bidder wishes to be pre-qualified.

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