Fabricated Fuel Tanks In Kenya – View Prices Here

Fabricated Fuel Tanks In Kenya – View Prices Here

Below are the relevant reduced and unbeatable charges for various tanks that we fabricate.

Underground Petroleum Fuel Storage Tanks (Perfectly Horizontal Cylindrical Tanks) for petrol/service stations.

  1. All tanks are made using 6mm plates and are capable of lasting up to 60 years below the ground. 5000ltrs – Kshs135000(save Kshs50000)
  2. 10000ltrs – Kshs200000(save Kshs100000)
  3. 20000ltrs – Kshs300000(save Kshs200000)
  4. 30000ltrs – Kshs430000(save Kshs300000)
  5. 40000ltrs – Kshs600000(save Kshs400000)

Mobile Road Tankers/Truck Tanks Made using either 3mm plates or 4mm plates depending on tank type. Nb: All tanks indicated are partitioned in to 4 chambers of varying capacity.

  1. 5000ltrs – Kshs170000(save Kshs30000)
  2. 10000ltrs – Kshs320000(save Kshs80000)
  3. 20000ltrs(semi-trailer) – Kshs450000 (save Kshs170000)
  4. 35000ltrs(trailer) – Kshs785000(save Kshs220000)
  5. 40000ltrs(trailer) – Kshs900000(save Kshs350000)

Project completion time depends on type of tank and workload involved, but it usually takes me a minimum of two weeks for smaller tanks onwards to a maximum of one month for larger tanks

We also fabricate mobile steel water tanks, water boozers and septic exhauster tanks at unbeatable prices

For More Information Send Us Your Project Details and Products You Are Interested In Via our Contact Us Page Here and We Will Get Back To You.

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