Alternate Doors Kenya Recruitment Agency

Alternate Doors Kenya Recruitment Agency

Alternate Doors Kenya Recruitment Agency

We are an accredited recruitment agency {ML/NEB/ORG/8/763(9)} based in Kenya. Our goal is to find and recruit the best talent for businesses throughout Kenya and within Africa.

Our Services: Recruitment, Outsourcing and Human Resource Consultancy and Development

You Have the Work, We have the talent

Competing for the most experienced and qualified candidates in today’s employment marketplace pose significant challenges. When business requirements call for multiple hires within a tight time frame, these challenges cause increased costs and hinder your ability as to meet business objectives.

Alternate Doors Recruitment offers a unique approach to optimise your talent acquisition, to manage multiple hires within a specific time frame. Our consultants use our proven methodology to deliver seamless, work flow-driven talent acquisition strategies that can help you secure the right talent, quickly and effectively.

Before engagement, our consultants will work with you to fully understand your requirements, understand the business culture to ensure we get the right talent.

Our Recruitment Process

  • Online and offline advertising, along with professional networking
  • Preparation of profile specifications and advert writing
  • CV administration and screening of candidate applications
  • Candidate initial screening
  • Submitting the CVs to HR/or Line Managers

Benefits to the Employer

  • Ability to hit the ground running;
  • Eliminates the need to advertise directly;
  • Reduces advertising costs
  • Increases quality-of-hire by allowing HR focus on relevant candidates;
  • Substantially reduces time-to-hire and cost-per-hire.

Out Sourcing: Alternate Doors will take up the role of hiring & firing, deploying, managing payroll and any disciplinary issue. This solution reduces employers’ recruitment costs with a flexible ―pay-for-performance model that deploys staff more efficiently when undertaking volume recruitment projects. Other benefits include- reduction of risk when managing volume and executive staffing initiatives, removal of administrative duties, including negotiation &contract formulation and the company is also able to focus on HR business issues and strategic activities.

Our Case Studies

We have various Clients in Different Sectors- Manufacturing, Cleaning and Hygiene, Hospitality, IT, Retail, Agriculture, Logistics, Real Estate, NGOs Among Others.

The Roles We recruit: High Level Manager, Middle Level and Low Cadre Staff.

Our Terms: the Company to deduct 30% of the candidates 1st Month Salary (As per the agreed contract between the agency and the candidate) or the Company to Pay 30% of the candidates 1st Month Salary. The Employer will select one option.

Our Team

Our Advisory and team members have professional HR experience gained from actual workplace experience with small, medium, large and startup companies, International organisations in a wide variety of industry segments. This wealth of experience can become the knowledge you need to help guide you through today’s complex recruitment issues.

Juliet Gateri: B.A (Sociology) Bcom (Finance and Accounting).Chief Recruitment Officer. A Certified Public Accountant with a Higher Diploma in HRM has additional experience and skills in recruiting, facilitating and training. She has had the privilege of working in one of the best global companies General Electric, where she obtained world class experience and training in management. Juliet has also worked with a youth organization (AIESEC) with presence in over 100 countries she specialized in talent development and building new chapters. Her love for recruiting and further development of people saw her establish various companies focusing on building teams and recruiting in major towns and tier two towns.

Juliet Gateri |+254722561070 | | Devan Plaza, Westlands, 4th Floor, Left wing, Suite 8

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