2017 Muthaiga Golf Club Tenders Supplier Prequalification

2017 Muthaiga Golf Club Tenders Supplier Prequalification



Tender Name: Prequalification of Suppliers

Muthaiga Golf Club is a Private Members Club established in 1912 and would like to receive sealed applications from competent firms for prequalification for supply/provision of goods and services listed below for the period 2017 to 2019. Interested eligible suppliers are invited to apply for prequalification, indicating the category of the goods and services they wish to supply/provide.

  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/001 Supply of Fresh Fruits/Vegetables.
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/002 Supply of Meat & Meat Products
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/003 Supply of Bottled Water
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/004 Supply of Dry Goods/Foods
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/006 Supply of Wines & Spirits
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/007 Supply of Office & Computer Stationery, Computer Hardware, Printers, Scanners, Computer Software & Related Items, Cartridges and Tonners
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/008 Printing of Office Stationery
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/009 Supply of Gas (Refills and L.P.G), Diesel and Petrol.
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/010 Supply of Newspapers, Magazines and Periodicals.
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/011 Supply of Cut Flowers and Flower arrangements
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/012 Supply of Machinery Items
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/013 Supply of Cleaning/Hygiene Materials
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/014 Supply of Charcoal.
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/015 Supply of Uniform, Protective Clothing /Materials & Footwear.
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/016 Supply Of Linen & towels.
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/017 Supply of Golf Course Supplies (Red Soil, Sand, Manure, Fertilizer, Lime and agricultural chemicals.
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/018 Supply of Crockery, Cutlery & Glassware
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/019 Fumigation, Pest Control & Sanitary Services.
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/020 Computer Hardware, Software & Preventive Maintenance services.
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/021 Laundry Services
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/022 Security & Related Services
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/023 Garbage Collection Services
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/024 Internet & Allied Services
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/025 Maintenance of Fire Fighting Equipment.
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/026 Maintenance of Diesel Generators
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/027 Maintenance of Golf Course Equipment & Plant (Irrigation System & Pump)
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/028 Maintenance of Kitchen Equipment & Plant
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/029 Maintenance of Gym & Sports Equipment
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/030 Networking and Accessories
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/031 PABX and Switchboard Computer hardware and printer maintenance Supply and maintenance of photocopier machines and printers
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/032 Provision of fabrication services
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/033 Maintenance of CCTV cameras
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/034 Maintenance of Electric fence
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/035 Routine checkups for guard dogs and kennel hygiene maintenance
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/036 Cold room maintenance
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/037 Out sourcing payroll services
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/038 Provision of steam bath and Sauna maintenance services
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/039 Supply of hardware materials and paints
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/040 Supply of electrical fittings and lighting materials
  • MGC /PRE/2017-19/041 Interior designs suppliers
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/042 Civil contractor
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/043 Electrical Contractors
  • MGC/PRE/2017-19/044 IT Systems outsourcing
  1. Prequalification is open to all interested candidates.

Eligible candidates may obtain the prequalification document from:

Muthaiga Golf Club, Kiambu Road,

P.O Box 41651 – 00100, Nairobi

Tel No: +254 722 168 720 / +254 735 359 792

Email: procurement@muthaigagolfclub.com

On normal working days Mondays to Fridays between 0900HRS and 1700HRS local from 15th April 2017 upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Kenya Shillings Two Thousand (Ksh 2,000) in cash or bankers cheque payable to the Muthaiga Golf Club.

Applications for prequalification must be submitted enclosed in plain sealed envelopes marked with the tender name and reference number and must be deposited in the tender box at the Reception of Muthaiga Golf Club on or before 10.00am 30th April 2017.

All candidates whose applications will have been received on or before the closing date and time. The results of the applications will be advised on or before 14 days after the close date.

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