US Embassy Nairobi Supplier Registration 2016

US Embassy Nairobi Supplier Registration 2016

American Embassy Nairobi is in the process of updating its list of suppliers in the following categories

  • General construction.
  • Facilities Management Services (Contractors for minor works, partitioning, renovations and painting, carpet and curtain making services, gardening, cleaning, generator maintenance, hardware & electrical supplies, PEST control, sanitary services, plumbing, HVACR(heating, air conditioning and refrigeration, electrical services,)

Eligible and competent suppliers are invited to apply by sending the documents listed below to:   or hand delivered addressed to: THE CONTRACTING OFFICER , US Embassy Nairobi. UN Avenue, Gigiri.

  • Company registration certificate
  • Memorandum of association
  • List of directors
  • Business license
  • PIN and VAT, ETR registration certificate
  • Tax compliance certificate
  • Corporate license to deliver specialized services
  • Individual expert license to deliver specialized services
  • NCA classification – 6 or higher certificate for the concerned trade.
  • Organization structure of company
  • Insurance cover on staff, 3rd party interest
  • Company safety policy
  • Physical address location within Nairobi, Kisumu & Mombasa
  • Proof of Minimum 3 Years of experience in the particular field. ( Provide examples
  • of successful tasks done in the past)
  • Reliable contact: Telephone numbers, Email address and website
  • Demonstrate financial capacity to provide the indicated service

Deadline for receiving application is May 20th 2016.

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