Turkana County Government Construction Tenders

Turkana County Government Construction Tenders

Turkana county Government invites sealed bids from interested eligible bidders in relevant categories and trades for the following listed tenders.

  1. TCG/RT&PW/323/2015-2016 Lobulono -Napak road 4km Site clearance, Grading and gravelling
  2. TCG/RT&PW/324/2015-2016 Proposed approach roadworks, river training and approach works for nawoiyaregae/kapelibok bridge at kaptir ward


  1. TCG/MOH/325/2015-2016 Proposed renovation of amenity building at Lodwar county and Referral Hospital
  2. TCG/MOH/326/2015-2016 Proposed renovation of T.B Manyatta at Lodwar County and referral Hospital
  3. TCG/MOH/327/2015-2016 Proposed Refurbishment of Plumping works at Lodwar county and referral Hospital
  4. TCG/MOH/328/2015-2016 Proposed construction of Outpatient Department at Kerio health centre
  5. TCG/MOH/329/2015-2016 Equipping of ambulance monitoring call centre at Lodwar county and referral Hospital


  1. TCG/F&P/333/2015-2016 Turkana county GIS System GIS based Monitoring and Evaluation System
  2. TCG/F&P/334/2015-2016 Consultancy services for the reviewing of the county integrated development plan for the period 2013/14-2017/18


  1. TCG/TTI/335/2015-2016 Proposed perimeter wall and modern gate for offi ce administration block
  2. TCG/TTI/336/2015-2016 Proposed additional works to the ecolodges at Kainuk
  3. TCG/TTI/337/2015-2016 Proposed additional works to the ecolodges at Kataboi


  1. TCG/EDC&RD/338/2015-2016 Supply and delivery of instructional materials, plumping, Electrical, garment making tools and equipment for Lokori vocational training centre
  2. TCG/EDC&RD/339/2015-2016 Supply and delivery of furniture and assorted office equipments for Lodwar teachers training college
  3. TCG/EDC&RD/340/2015-2016 Proposed construction of children rescue and protection centre in kakuma Open 3
  4. TCG/EDC&RD/341/2015-2016 Proposed construction of additional Structures for Lodwar rescue centre
  5. TCG/EDC&RD/342/2015-2016 Supply and delivery of furniture, utensils and equipments for children rescue centre in Lodwar
  6. TCG/EDC&RD/343/2015-2016 Supply and delivery of ECDS feeding program food stuffs
  7. TCG/EDC&RD/344/2015-2016 Supply and delivery of instructional materials

Interested contractors who are appear in the current building Contractor’s register (proof of registration required), may obtain tender documents from Turkana County Government Procurement Office located at the Governor’s Office in person or against written application upon production of the payment receipt. Each completed set of tender document may be obtained by interested bidders upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Kshs. 1,000 (Kenya Shillings One Thousand only) deposited in TURKANA COUNTY GOVERNMENT REVENUE A/C NO: 1140763687 – KCB, LODWAR

The deposited slip should be presented to the Revenue section for issuance of offi cial receipt which should be produced to procurement before collecting the tender document. Interested bidders should note that only those meeting criteria indicated below as a minimum, supported by relevant documents at submission will be considered for further evaluation

  1. Proof of works of similar magnitude and complexity undertaken in the last fi ve years
  2. NCA 6 for road works and NCA 4 and above for bridge works.
  3. The Bid Security of kshs. 200,000 for road works must be in form of Bank Guarantee from a reputable bank or approved insurance company of indicated category.
  4. Adequate equipment and Key Personnel for the specified type of works
  5. Sound financial standing and adequate access to Bank credit line
  6. Confidential Business Questionnaire
  7. Tax Compliance Certificate
  8. KRA pin certificate
  9. Pre-tender site visit certificate for roads works.

Further, tenders from the following tenderers shall be treated as NON-RESPONSIVE and therefore subject to automatic Disqualification;

  1. A tender from a tenderer whose on-going project(s) is/are behind schedule and without any approved extension of time
  2. A tender from a tenderer who has been served with a default notice on ongoing project(s)
  3. A tender from a tenderer with on-going project(s) exceeding one (1) in number, regardless of the total value of the outstanding works
  4. A tender from a tenderer whose tender sum is plus/minus (+/-) 10% from the official estimate for the works

NB – Tender should be dropped to respective specified Tender box number. Tender bids in plain sealed envelopes marked on the right hand side corner “Tender No……………………………………………….” and bearing no indication of the Tenderer should be addressed to: –
County secretary
Turkana County Government
P.O Box 11-30500

Placed in the tender Box located at the Governor’s Offi ce or sent by post so as to reach the above address not later than 6th May, 2016 at 12.00 pm. Submitted documents will be opened publically soon after the above stated closing date and time in presence of the tenderers or their representative who choose to attend. Late bids will be returned unopened
Prices quoted must remain valid for one hundred and twenty (120) days from the opening date. The bid security must be valid for one hundred and fi fty (150) days from the opening date. The Government reserves the right to reject any tender without giving reasons for the rejection and does not bind itself to the lowest or any tender.

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