Top 10 Mpesa Agency Tips

Top 10 Mpesa Agency Tipsmpesa

  1. Always ensure that a client has an original Identification document before transacting.
  2. Double check M-pesa confirmation messages before handing over cash. The message that the client has received should be same as the one you receive. When only one party receives a message the transaction is not complete and you might lose money.
  3. Have sufficient float and cash so as to avoid running away clients. When you lose clients you lose also your commissions.
  4. Always take and count the money; and confirm genuineness and amount before proceeding to perform a deposit transaction
  5. Ensure there is adequate security in your premises for yourself and clients. You can have metal grills or barriers to separate you from your clients and keep cash boxes out if reach to your clients. Remember you are dealing with money!
  6. Avoid direct deposits to a phone number that is not with the client who wants to do the deposit. Your commissions are claw backed for such transactions.
  7. Do not give out your agency number to someone so that a third [arty can do a remote withdrawal to your till. This is not only a violation of Mpesa policies but you also risk losing money to unscrupulous clients who can do a reversal of the same.
  8. Invest in money machines e.g. money counters and fake currency detectors if you handle a lot of cash or have many clients. This will not only make you serve more clients faster but you get to detect fake currency fast.
  9. When registering new clients to the Mpesa platform, always ensure that the client has an original identification document.
  10. Do not do split deposits to the same number i.e. depositing money in small bits so as to maximize your commissions. You will be penalized for that.

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