Kenya Nakumatt Global Smart Card Shopping

Kenya Nakumatt Global Smart Card Shopping

One of my resolutions this year was to save more and always go for bargains. Must say a pretty hard task given i am impulse buyer especially when I have cash in my pocket and it happens I am in a supermarket. So my first order of business was to work on my regular shopping budget… yeah the usual stuff you buy to keep you going through the month i.e rice, unga , cooking oil and such . So I have been hearing a lot of stuff about local supermarkets having loyalty schemes for their regular shoppers…I have never bothered to enroll in any but coming to think how much I spend on shopping per month , accumulating the points for redemption later and the offers that come with it is worth it . So I ventured into researching the best shopping outlet in Kenya to do my shopping or should I say which one I be loyal too. After some searching offline and online I came across the Nakumatt Global card which must say is the ultimate deal.

The Nakumatt Global , they also call it an EMV chip card(don’t know what that means??) which is offered by some local banks in conjunction with Mastercard and Nakumatt supermarket enables you to load cash in the card from which you can do your shopping from . You can load at the participating banks, I am sure about KCB and with with some other bank I don’t remember its name. Also at Nakumatt you can load load at their tills , quite fast must say . And for you to acquire the card all you need to do is visit any Nakumatt branch and apply. Application will cost you Ksh 100/= but you can alternatively choose to preload with Ksh1000 which you can use for shopping later or pay for other services and products elsewhere where they accept the card , thus making it kind of free when you preload it . For already existing customers of the Nakumatt cyber cash card , all your points are also transferred to the new card . Now another benefit with this card is you get to earn extra points 0.5 when you pay using the cards balance compared to getting 1 point when you pay in cash . Also when you use the card in other locations apart from Nakumatt you get to earn points. No maintenance charges on the card . The card can also be used as a bank account since still you can withdraw your cash at Nakumatt tills and Mastercard ATMs all over the world.  The card can also hold upto Ksh800,000 . What can say is so far , so good !

Have you had any experiences while using the Nakumatt Global card? We will be glad if you share with us.

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