Safaricom’s MPesa Mobile Money Transfer Now Goes International


Safaricom’s MPesa Mobile Money Transfer Now Goes International

Now with MPesa’s IMT (International Money Transfer) service, you can now receive money now from over 80,000 Western Union outlets in the World straight into your MPesa Account in Kenya. All one needs to do to send money to Kenya is to visit the participating countries Western Union outlet. Though the service is still not on offer in all Western Union outlets across the World but Safaricom promises to add more outlets as time goes. A full list of participating outlets is available at the Safaricom website.The service was initially launched in 2009 and was operational only in the UK, that is money could only be sent from the UK to Kenya. The service has become quite successful and that’s probably a reason for the expansion to other parts of the World.Good strategy for Western union since its business has come really under threat with the emergence of Mobile Money Transfer services especially in developing countries. Currently the service is being offered in 45 countries though more countries to be included in the near future. Some notable countries you can send money from to Kenya include:Uganda,Tanzania, Rwanda,United States of America, Canada, Hong Kong,Singapore,United Arab Emirates,France,Malaysia,Denmark,Belgium,Sweden.For a complete IMT agents list.
Receivers-For Kenyan receivers, the transactions will be as usual i.e. you won’t be charged for receiving any money but to withdraw cash via an MPesa agent outlet or send to another Safaricom line,the normal charges will apply.

Senders-According to Safaricom website,the charges for someone to send money to Kenya will depend on the country the money is being sent from,the agent at which the money is being sent from and the amount being sent.According to,an authorized MPesa Agent in the UK,here is what it costs to send money from the UK to Kenya in £(Pounds) with approximate Kenyan shilling Values.


£1(Ksh 134) £150(Ksh 20,100) £4(Ksh  536)
£151(Ksh 20,234) £250(Ksh 33,500) £6(Ksh 804)
Currency Symbol ‘£’  (British Pound or Pound Sterling) is the currency for UKThe conversions are approximate figures.Click here for more current Forex rates.1£=Ksh 134

From the fee table above, the maximum transactional value seemed to have been set at Ksh 35,000 though Safaricom has since revised their transactional limits. A receiver in Kenya shall receive the money in Kenya Shillings, the prevailing exchange will be used and will be advised to the sender in the origin country, so you won’t have to worry how you will convert the currency into Kenya Shillings.


M-pesa revised its transactional values to allow ones account to hold a maximum of Ksh 100,000 at any given time i.e. approximately USD 1205 using a current forex  rate of 1USD=KES 83 though one can transact daily values of upto Ksh 140,000 i.e. approximately USD 1687.Well,this is good news for anyone who intends to do business via M-Pesa Internationally.

What this means? This innovation not only opens a new avenue for of Kenyans in Diaspora to send money back home faster and cheaply but also gives  a whole range of business opportunities to Kenyan traders. God knows how long, aspiring Kenyan ecommerce entrepreneurs have been waiting for an alternate ecommerce payment gateway to PayPal and other players who have taken so long to develop solutions for the Kenyan market. An ecommerce payment gateway has been a big setback for all those entrepreneurs who wished  to do business with the World but as the Western Union network expands and more outlets are added-Kenya is now open to the World for ecommerce transactions e.g. This innovation will allow someone in for example a trader in Kisii to receive payment from anywhere in the World in real time. For those who were using PayPal accounts for ecommerce, don’t close them, for now you will need them to at least send money since one can only receive payments in Kenya but you cannot send money outside Kenya via M-Pesa. Work now to programmers to take up the task to allow for the system to be integrated into website ecommerce systems as an ecommerce payment gateway to achieve its full potential. By M-Pesa going global, mobile money transfer has being pushed to a whole new level and lets hope it can bear the brunt of global money transactions. It’s going to attract a whole lot of opportunities,new opportunities for investors to trade and con people alike targeting people transacting to Kenya. For it to keep “Changing Lives” as the M-Pesa tagline goes, all we wish for is for Mpesa to maintain its integrity as a secure money transfer system and its reliability i.e. we need fast real time (no delay) and secure transactions.

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  • Hi Eunice,Safaricom’s Mpesa recently partnered with MTN to offer M-Pesa services across seven countries in Africa including Tanzania, DRC,Mozambique,Uganda, Rwanda and Zambia.More details here . The procedure to do so hasn’t been availed yet but be on the lookout!

  • Eunice

    Hi, if i want to send money from my msepa account to MTN uganda, what are the procedures and how much will i be charged?.

  • Hi Austine,that is not currently possible.You will have to attach a credit or debit card to your paypal account for payments but you can not transfer directly from Mpesa to paypal.But here is what you can use.
    Though i have an idea , You can create two paypal accounts,it is free.You will attach one account with your Kenyan issued credit/debit card.It is not necessary to attach the other one.You can then top up the account attached to your card via Mpesa paybill or USSD option,it is possible with most Kenyan banks.Then you will log in to your paypal account and transfer the equivalent desired amount to the unattached paypal account.Your balance will show up in a couple of seconds.So you will have a paypal balance which you can use for any transactions.
    Let me know if you need anything else.

    Good Luck!

  • to admin i’d like you to assist me load money to my paypal from my mpesa,

  • Please Visit to transact Mpesa to PayPal and vice versa

  • @samuel: KenyaPesa allows you to top up your PayPal account from Mpesa.
    All you need to do is to place your Mpesa to PayPal order on the KenyaPesa website, send the cash to the Mpesa number provided on the order confirmation and submit the confirmation ID from Safaricom for your payment.
    Within an hour from the time the payment is confirmed your PayPal will be credited.

  • Hi,you can start by reading one of our earlier blog posts about becoming an agent here.
    Feel free to contact us for further queries.

  • Gbolawon

    Hi,Can anyone please give me the link to become mpesa agent.

  • samuel

    I want to load money from Mpesa to paypal. Anyone who can assist me?

  • Henry

    How do i send money from Kenya to Tanzania

  • We would like to introduce , a Kenyan web-shop that allows Kenyans in the Diaspora to meet needs of families at home easy, fast and secure online.

    Kenyans living abroad can support their relatives and friends by sending pesa, airtime, and shopping vouchers using

    In addition, Kenyan internet merchants with businesses located in Kenya can use as payment portal to receive payments from abroad and donations on blogs.
    Compare the costs of with other webstores, simular services such as bank transfers and enjoy our continuous special lower rates.

    Our office is located in Mtwapa next to Post Office and Tourist Police station. Please do not hesitate to visit our website.
    Many thanks,

    Eunice Mueni
    Online Support

  • eddy

    hey admin can i get my paypal money which is in dollars to my Mpesa in shillings?

  • Hello Nancy,we can help you send money to your PayPal account from your M-pesa.
    Kindly send us your phone number and we advise.

  • Hi Nancy,currently you can not send money directly from your M-pesa account to your PayPal account directly.
    To load money into your PayPal account you have two options:-
    1.Get an M-pesa to PayPal transfer providers mostly individuals who you send them M-pesa float in Ksh and they convert that value to US dollars which they send to your PayPal account.Problem is,they do charge exorbitant commissions and forex rates for their transactions.Also this option can be risky if you don’t know the individuals or agencies well.
    2.Attach one of your Visa enabled Debit or Credit cards to your PayPal account.When you want to make a payment online,you can use PayPal which will connect to your card issuer and carry out the transaction on your behalf.This is a very secure method of transacting since you don’t have to give out your card details to all online merchants.Currently,in Kenya PayPal does not allow you to transfer funds from your local bank account to your PayPal account but this is the best option.

  • nancy

    please help me transact npesa to my pay pal account

  • nancy

    send mpesa money to my pay pal account