Resetting an Infotec 5131 Photocopier Machine

Resetting an Infotec 5131 Photocopier Machine

One of the disadvantages that come with buying a refurbished or used machines or an InfoTech 5131 photocopier machine for this matter is the absence of a user manual. Once in a while your machine will probably have a problem and you will be forced to look for a technician to fix it and that will of course mean paying a fee. Most machines have quick troubleshooting mechanisms and the moment you use the guidelines, your machine will be back up and working even better than before. This article is for some simple troubleshooting for an Infotec 5131 copier machine; well I don’t know whether it works on other machines

Resetting a Paper Jam error (J1 or J2) error!

This error is easy to fix and normally occurs when paper gets stuck in between the motor movement inside the machine. To fix this error, just open the machine and remove any papers stuck in the moving parts and restart the machine. This should clear the error and should continue with your copying as normal.

Procedures for Resetting an Infotec 5131 Copier Machine

The following procedure is a standard procedure but will vary slightly according to what you are resetting .The one below is for Resetting an E52 error code in Infotec 5131.

Here is a short trouble shooting process to help you resetting an InfoTec machine

  1. Ensure the Copier is in sleep mode (The green circled button beside the colour adjustment button is on)
  2. Press 71 once press OC button, release and press again.
  3. Press the colour reduction button.
  4. The screen will show number 5 that blinks continuously
  5. Press 97, Press the green button and the screen should  show the number 0
  6. Press 1 again, press the star button, the screen should come to 97.
  7. Switch the machine off and turn it on.
  8. Wait for the Green ready button and that should get your machine up.

Resetting an Ink low warning.

So, your toner was low and bought a new toner, normally a Ricoh Type320 Toner cartridge. After installing the toner, the control screen isn’t responsive and no commands seem to work, it keeps giving you the red Ink low warning on the screen?!Well, don’t worry-your machine is fine. Follow the procedure above but in Step 5, Press 96 in place of 97.The screen should start blinking 39.Give the machine a few minutes before restarting it.

 Resetting the Colour

Follow the same procedures above and on Step 5, press 56 instead of 97 and press the copy button. Basically all you will hear will be movement sounds from the machine, let it do this for some minutes before restarting the machine. This should reset the machine

Some Tips on Infotec 5131 machines.

If your copier machines starts giving you the Ink low error, your ink might be quite far from getting finished. Remove the toner cartridge from its housing inside the machine, tilt it to move the ink and re-insert into the machine. You’ll be surprised at how long again you can go before your ink actually gets finished

One thing for sure, is some machines are getting extinct with time and so are their accessories and parts. If you can’t get a Type 320 toner cartridge for your Infotec 5131 machine, you can alternatively get a Type 310 toner cartridge and change the ink into a used Type 320 cartridge. The Type310 cartridges won’t work on an Infotec machine.

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