PigiaMe’s Innovations Open Doors for Entrepreneurs in Kenya.

PigiaMe’s Innovations Open Doors for Entrepreneurs in Kenya

The Kenyan economy is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. It has even been nicknamed Africa’s “Silicon Savannah” ­ with thousands of entrepreneurs launching innovative businesses every year. It’s time people took note of small business as it is estimated that Kenya’s informal sector constitutes 98% of all businesses in the country.

Starting your own business can seem daunting, but in the digital age there are opportunities to do so without huge costs and risks. Online platforms like PigiaMe support aspiring entrepreneurs by providing them with free and paid services for success. From the mitumba sellers to the students making and selling their own jewellery, PigiaMe provides the opportunity to target the right audiences, upload images of their brand and advertise their services.

PigiaMe are the first Classifieds site in Kenya to offer features that businesses can invest in to increase their visibility to thousands of potential customers. Kenya’s business world is growing and as a truly Kenyan company, PigiaMe wants to support entrepreneurs, who work hard and take risks. In a fast growing economy like Kenya’s, it is important to provide opportunities to smaller businesses and individuals, giving them the chance to grow to their full potential. PigiaMe is pleased to be the first to change the way that Kenyans do business, with the launch of the Premium Business Account. The account allows business owners to access more potential buyers, as they get priority in their respective categories for only KES 6,000 for six months.

Without the help of an online service, starting your own business can be expensive, let’s have a look at how much it would cost a small business owner to steer their business towards success without any help.

  • Advertising space on a newspaper or magazine would cost over​KES 60,000
  • Designing a website would cost about KES 15,000 +
  • Employing a sales & marketing employee would cost over KES 15,000

This comes to roughly KES 100,000 when considering the countless other costs.

On PigiaMe, a client can set up their listing for free and not have to worry about the website or marketing.

The marketing is done for them online and in the PigiaMe print magazine. Once the business grows they can decide to invest and pay only KES 400 to have their product increase viewership and attract more buyers. This is by far a more cost effective budget for people who are just starting out.

Opportunities for startups are endless with a flooded investor market and tech ideas which are geared towards helping them succeed. Long gone are the days business was done in a physical shop and the owners had a hard time getting sellers for their items.

PigiaMe provides a limitless platform for sellers to meet their buyers worldwide without having to move around at all. Buyers are also maximizing on the convenience that comes with online shopping, avoiding the hustle of having to travel from shop to shop.

It’s a good time to be an entrepreneur in Kenya, we are already experiencing the benefits of the monetary union that has attracted an escalation in foreign trade. However, not everyone has a chance to attract investors. Steve Jobs once said, “let’s go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday”. Luckily for the entrepreneurs out there, PigiaMe has got just the inventions you need for tomorrow.

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