Nakuru Water & Sanitation Company Tenders 2016

Nakuru Water & Sanitation Company Tenders 2016

Nakuru Water and Sanitation Company invite tenders for the supply of goods, and provision of various services for the financial year 2016/2017


  1. NAWASSCO /01/2016/2017 Supply and Delivery of Water Meters open
  2. NAWASSCO / 02/2016/2017 Supply and Delivery of bare shaft motors and Submersible pumps open
  3. NAWASSCO / 03/2016/2017 Supply and Delivery of Water fittings and Pipes open
  4. NAWASSCO / 04/2016/2017 Supply and Delivery of Water Treatment Chemicals open
  5. NAWASSCO 05/2016/2017 Supply and delivery of General stationery, toners and cartridges- Reserved for Youth, Women and Persons with Disability.
  6. NAWASSCO/06/2016/2017 Provision of Temporary workers- Reserved for Youth,Women and Persons with Disability
  7. NAWASSCO / 07/2016/2017 Provision of security services open
  8. NAWASSCO / 08/2016/2017 Provision of insurance services open
  9. NAWASSCO / 09/2016/2017 Provision of a staff medical cover open
  10. NAWASSCO / 10/2016/2017 Provision of pump retrieval and installation services open
  11. NAWASSCO / 11/2016/2017 Supply and Delivery of Uniforms and Protective clothing open
  12. NAWASSCO / 12/2016/2017 Supply and Delivery of Electrical fitting and Mechanical fittings open
  13. NAWASSCO/ 13/2016/2017 Supply and Delivery of Laboratory Chemicals and Consumables open
  14. NAWASSCO/14/2016/2017 Provision of Cleaning Services- Reserved for Youth, Women and Persons with Disability
  15. NAWASSCO /15/2016/2017 Supply and Delivery of HDPE pipes and fittings open
  16. NAWASSCO / 16/2016/2017 Provision of VAT Audit services open
  17. NAWASSCO/17/2016/2017 Provision of Tea Services- Reserved for Youth, Women and Persons with Disability


  1. NAWASSCO/PQ/01/2016/2017 Repair and servicing of motor vehicles and lorries open
  2. NAWASSCO/PQ/02/2016/2017 Repair and servicing of computer, printers and accessories- Reserved for Youth, Women and Persons with Disability.
  3. NAWASSCO/PQ/03/2016/2017 Repair and serving of motor cycles open
  4. NAWASSCO/PQ/04/2016/2017 Provision of legal services open
  5. NAWASSCO/PQ/05/2016/2017 Supply of fuel and lubricants open
  6. NAWASSCO/PQ/06/2016/2017 Provision of labour contracts open
  7. NAWASSCO/PQ/08/2016/2017 Provision of training services open
  8. NAWASSCO/PQ/09/2016/2017 Supply and delivery of office furniture open
  9. NAWASSCO/PQ/10/2016/2017 Repair and servicing of Laboratory Equipment open
  10. NAWASSCO/PQ/11/2016/2017 Supply of computers printers and accessories open
  11. NAWASSCO/PQ/12/2016/2017 Supply and delivery of quarry stones, and other construction materials open

Interested and eligible candidates may inspect and obtain Tender Documents from Procurement Section upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Kshs1000.00 per set of Tender Document payable in cash or bankers cheque. Documents can also be viewed and downloaded from the company’s website:  free of charge. Completed tender documents in plain sealed envelopes indicating the Tender No. without identifying the sender should be addressed to:-

P.O. BOX 16314-20100,

Or placed in the tender box at our Head Office, NAWASSCO PLAZA along Government Road, so as to reach not later than 10th May 2016 at 10.00 am. Bids will be opened immediately thereafter at the company’s Board room at 10.30 am in the presence of bidders or their representatives who wish to attend

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