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The Visa Personal Payment (VPP) system is currently one of the cheapest way to send money currently within Kenya and outside Kenya

Quick facts about VPP

  • Currently the service is only offered by Equity Bank in Kenya
  • You can only send  money using the system to enrolled participating sending partners(Banks)
  • The service is offered over Equity’s ATM network
  • Receiving money is free
  • You send money to another VISA card 16 digit card number, the VISA card has to be of a participating bank
  • The money is sent and received instantly

Check out the table below for rates.

Sending Money Charges Receiving Money
Amount(Ksh) Domestic International
1-10,000 20 300 Free
10,001-50,000 30 300 Free
50,001-60,000 30 500 Free
60,001-180,000 50 500 Free

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