East Africa Milking Machines For Sale

East Africa Milking Machines For Sale

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  • We are selling commercial MILK ATMS MACHINE’S at friendly prices.
    Capacities starting from;
    A.100 litres—180,000 kshs
    B.200 litres—220,000 kshs
    C.300 litres—250,000 khs
    D.400 litres—300,000 kshs
    E.500 litres—-350,000 kshs
    It is even much better if you have your own freezer.
    Call or Whatsapp 0705974240

  • Ben Onserio

    am in need of a milking machine

  • New Milking Machines Contact 0722 756941

  • Kim

    want to buy milking machine