Kipipiri Malewa & Pusol Water Supply Projects Tenders 2016

Kipipiri Malewa & Pusol Water Supply Projects Tenders 2016


  1. Project Background

The Rift Valley Water Services Board (RVWSB) has received funds from Kenya Italy Debt for Development Programme (KIDDP) and intends to utilize the same towards implementation of the above two water projects.

  1. Requirements & projects scope

The Board (RVWSB) therefore invites contractors to submit sealed Bids for the tenders as shown below. The minimum eligibility requirement comprises of:

  1. Certified copies of tax compliance certificate, VAT and PIN certificates.
  2. Proof of legal existence.
  3. Proof of similar works of similar magnitude carried out in the last three years.
  4. Bid security of 2% of the entire tender sum, in form of a bank guarantee from a reputable bank or insurance company.
  5. Availability of appropriate equipment and relevant skills among staff.
  6. Registration with National Construction Authority for the category and class as stated here below:

Kipipiri Malewa Water Project (RVWSB/KIDDP/KIPMAL/2015-2016)

  • Construction 1No. 225m3 Masonry water storage tank
  • Construction 2No. 100m3 Masonry water storage tanks
  • Purchase and delivery of G.I pipes and fittings
  • NCA 7 Water works/Civil and above

Pusol Water Supply Project (RVWSB/KIDDP/PUSOL/2015-2016)

  • Construction of intake weir
  • Laying of 2.2 km gravity raw water main
  • Construction of 20m3 CFU
  • Laying of 12km gravity main
  • Construction of 100m3, 2x50m3 and 2x50m3 masonry water storage tanks
  • Construction of 4No 2m3 BPTs
  • NCA 6 Water works/Civil and above
  1. Mandatory Pre-tender site visits for the projects will be held as follows;

Project Date Assembling point Time

  • Kipipiri Malewa 3rd May 2016 Kipipiri Sub-county Water Office, Miharati Town 9:00 am
  • Pusol Water Supply 28th April 2016 West Pokot County Water Office, Kapenguria Town 9:00 am
  1. Further details will be obtained in the bidding documents.

3 Obtaining Bidding documents

Interested contractors may purchase separate Tender documents at RVWSB Headquarters upon payment of KES 1,000 per one during normal working hours, or download from the Board’s website or  free-of-charge. Those who opt to download the documents can request for the drawings via

4 Submission of bids

Bids in plain sealed envelope clearly marked Tender No. RVWSB/KIDDP/KIPMAL/ 2015-2016 (Kipipiri Malewa Water Project) for Kipipiri Malewa Water Project, or ,Tender No. RVWSB/KIDDP/PUSOL//2015-2016 (Pusol Water Supply Project) for Pusol Water Supply Project, should be deposited in the Tender Box situated at the Board’s headquarters as per the address below so as to be received on or before 12.00hrs local time on 12th May, 2016. Tenders will be opened in the presence of Bidders’ representatives, who choose to attend at 12.05p.m. on 12th May, 2016 at the Board’s conference room
The address referred to above is:
Chief Executive Officer
Rift Valley Water Services Board
Maji Plaza, Prisons Rd
P.O. Box 2451-20100 Nakuru, Kenya
MOBILE NO. 0718-313557, Fax (051) 2214915, E-mail:

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