Kenya Startup Business Consultancy Firms

Kenya Startup  Business Consultancy Firms

Based in Kenya, IdeaTurner (IT) is a start-up consultancy business with a mission to help aspiring entrepreneurs start their own businesses successfully. Our specialization is small businesses. As a matter of fact, many small start up businesses fail in their first year due to lack of business knowledge and well defined business road map to scale the business from a small mode to blue chip company. We believe a small business does not necessarily mean the vision for such a business is small, at IT we give you all the information you deserve to scale your business into business empire from a ample beginning. The services we give you are comprehensive and covers everything you need to know as you plan to start any business. We will give you the facts; competitive advantage, equipments, supplies, licenses required, pricing, revenue & gross margins, consumer behavior, competition, innovative marketing strategy, branding and much more information.

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