Kenya Instant Cash & Loans Providers

Kenya Instant Cash & Loans Providers

We offer instant cash and loans to individuals. We offer cash and loans on cars, land, household items, electronics and more.

Different terms and conditions might apply. Please contact the following for more information:-

  • Cash on Ipads and Iphones-0202245564
  • Cash on laptops, cars, household items-020100100, 0722632287
  • Cash on cars-0722833300
  • Cash on Gold ornaments-0724265036
  • Cash on land, household items,-0722534960
  • Cash on laptops-0723408602
  • Cash on Auto logbook Loans-Jisaidie Trade Credit Ltd 0739304425/0705060765
  • Cash on Auto logbook Loans-Africa Credit Ltd (

DISCLAIMER: is not affiliated to any of the advertisers (dealers or companies) listed above. We advise our site users to exercise due diligence before engaging in any transactions with the advertisers. You can use our sourcing service where we connect you with our accredited dealers for a modest fee. For further inquiries please contact us on +254731344117 or +254750601394 or email

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