Kenya Electronics Hire Purchase Shops

Kenya Electronics Hire Purchase Shops

Pay for these electronics in Six monthly installments with Odyssey Capital. The monthly installment is dependent on the number of months you would like to repay the phone in. The maximum repayment period is 6 months

  • Sony Xperia Z1 – Kshs. 6,750 per month.
  • Sony 32″ LED Tv – Kshs. 6,450 per month.
  • Samsung Home Theater E350 – Kshs. 6,200 per month.
  • Sony Xperia Z2 – Kshs. 9,100 per month.

*Facilitation fees apply.

The requirements are;

  • Last 3 months bank statements
  • Last 3 months Mpesa statements – Last 3 months pay slips (if employed)
  • Proof of employment/ business ownership
  • A copy of your national ID

For More Information Contact Odyssey Capital Tel: 0791510501|  |

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