Kenya Coastal Islands For Sale From Ksh 3.5M

Kenya Coastal  Islands For Sale From Ksh 3.5M

We are selling 2 freehold islands with a total of 11 acres @ Ksh 3.5 m p.a.

They are located on the main Funzi Island and the island is large 7x2Kms approximately. There are homes spread out on this island, in the forests. More-or-less 1000 people, mainly kids.

The Shirazi community are based in Shirazi. This is a small village on the main land where we park our vehicles and where clients board our boats to come to Funzi.

The Funzi Villagers’ origins are unknown. There are only two places in Kenya which speak the language Kifundi.

That is, Funzi and another small village in Mwazaro (on the main land opposite Funzi Island). Nothing “happens” to the local inhabitants; they live on the main Funzi Island and continue life as usual.

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