Kenya Certified Secretaries Seminar Kisumu 2016


 Kenya Certified Secretaries Seminar Kisumu 2016



DATE: APRIL 13-15, 2016

Certified Secretaries and top officials whether in National Government Departments, State Corporations or at the County Governments level have a fundamental responsibility of promoting good governance, leadership and integrity.This seminar is designed to enhance capacity of Certified Secretaries and top officials in discharging their duties and to induct them on the general framework of Governance Audit. Other areas in which the seminar will focus on include:

  1. Code of Governance for State Corporations (Mwongozo).
  2. Governance Audit Framework.
  3. Ethics and Integrity: Promoting good values in the Public Sector.
  4. Certified Secretary as the Conscience of the Board and Custodian of Governance.
  5. Role of Certified Secretary in: Board Induction; Board Evaluation; Boards Continuous Skills Development; Compliance Management and Effective Management of Meetings.
  6. Overview of: Governance Standards; Governance Guidelines; Professional Ethics and Code of Conduct; Good Standing Requirements; Legal Liabilities affecting Certified Secretaries; Professional Misconducts and Disciplinary procedures.
  7. Work- Life Balance: Maximizing your Potential.

TARGET AUDIENCE: This seminar is designed to benefit the following categories of members:

  1. Certified Secretaries working in the County Governments.
  2. Certified Secretaries working in the State Corporations.
  3. Certified Secretaries working in National Government.
  4. Top officials working in the Counties, State Corporations and National Government.

CONTINUOUS PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Members of ICPSK attending all sessions will earn 18 CPD credits. Members of LSK can transfer the CPD credits and earn CLE points.

INVESTMENT: The cost of this seminar Kshs. 40,000 for members and Kshs. 45,000 for non-members.

TRAVEL AND ACCOMMODATION ARRANGEMENTS: Participants are requested to organize their own transport and accommodation arrangements.


the Institute Secretariat on

Tel: 020-3597840, 0734603173, 0770159631, E-mail:  or Visit .

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