Kenya Accredited Engineering Programs by Engineers Board of Kenya

Kenya Accredited Engineering Programs by Engineers Board of Kenya

The Engineers Board of Kenya is a statutory body established under Section 3(1) of the Engineers Act 2011. One of the core functions of the Board provided in Section (1) (L) of the Engineers Act 2011 is to “approve and accredit engineering programs in public and private universities and other tertiary level educational institutions offering education in engineering.”
Over the last one year, the Board has met all the Vice Chancellors and the management of Public Universities offering engineering programs in Kenya, together with the relevant stakeholders and it has generally been agreed that:-

  1. The universities should adhere to the guidelines used for the purpose of approval and accreditation of engineering Programs.
  2. Universities should not admit new students to unaccredited programs

iii. The Board will expedite the accreditation process once the institutions comply.
The following therefore is an update of the status of accreditation of engineering programs:
Accredited Programs:-
The programs below have been assessed and to have met the minimum requirements for accreditation including; adequate program design, curriculum content, faculty teaching staff and facilities.
University of Nairobi

  • BSc – Civil Engineering
  • BSc – Agricultural Engineering
  • BSc – Mechanical Engineering
  • BSc – Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • BSc – Electrical Engineering

Moi University

  • B.Tech – Electrical & Communications Engineering
  • B.Tech – Civil & Structural Engineering
  • B.Tech – Textile Engineering
  • B.Tech – Chemical & Process Engineering
  • B.Tech – Production Engineering
  • B.Tech – Mechanical & Production Engineering
  • B.Eng – Chemical & Process Engineering
  • B.Eng – Mechanical & Production Engineering
  • B.Eng – Civil & Structural Engineering
  • B.Eng – Electrical & Telecommunications Engineering.
  • B.Eng – Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • B.Eng – Industrial & Textile Engineering
  • B.Eng – Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology

  • BSc – Mechanical Engineering
  • BSc – Agricultural Engineering
  • BSc – Civil Engineering
  • BSc – Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • BSc – Mechatronics Engineering
  • BSc – Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering

Egerton University.

  • BSc – Agricultural Engineering

Dedan Kimathi University of Technology

  • BSc – Mechanical Engineering.
  • BSc – Mechatronic Engineering
  • BSc – Civil Engineering.
  • BSc – Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Kenyatta University

  • BSc- Civil Engineering.
  • BSc-Mechanical Engineering
  • BSc- Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Programs Awaiting Accreditation Visit
The following programs have been assessed and have met the minimum requirements with respect to Program design, curriculum content and faculty teaching staff. The Board is therefore organizing accreditation visits to assess physical facilities.
Multi Media University

  • BSc – Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Technical University of Mombasa

  • Bsc -Mechanical Engineering
  • BSc –Civil Engineering

Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology

  • BSc – Civil and Industrial Engineering
  • BSc – Mechanical Engineering

University of Nairobi

  • BSc- Biosystems Engineering.

Engineers Board of Kenya

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