Isiolo County Government Supplier Prequalification Notice 2016

Isiolo County Government  Supplier Prequalification Notice 2016

Isiolo County Government invites sealed tenders and pre-qualifications from reputable, competent and interested bidders for the supply and delivery of the following Goods, Works, Consultancies and Services for the year-2016/ 2017 Financial Years. Bidders are informed that goods, works, consultancies and services will be procured on “As and when required basis”. Complete Tender and pre-qualification documents may be viewed and obtained from the Isiolo County Government Website for FREE. Any queries contact the Supply Chain Management Services Department offices on or before 4.00 P.M on normal working days or through this email address

  1. ICG/019/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Provision for Auctioneering Services. OPEN
  2. ICG/020/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Provision for Design, Development, Hosting and Maintenance of Website and Web Applications. OPEN
  3. ICG/024/2014/2016 Pre-qualification for Provision ICT Systems and Software Solutions Services. OPEN
  4. ICG/021/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Provision for Internet Services. SPECIAL GROUP
  5. ICG/022/2016/2017 Prequalification for Provision of engineering surveying services. OPEN
  6. ICG/023/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Provision for Network Cabling and Telecommunications Services. OPEN
  7. ICG/024/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Provision of ICT Consultancy Services OPEN
  8. ICG/025/2016/2017 Prequalification for Provision of Repair and Maintenance of ICT Equipment and Network Infrastructure Services. OPEN
  9. ICG/026/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Provision for Strategic and Business Planning Services. OPEN
  10. ICG/027/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Provision for Supply, Delivery and Servicing of VHF,HP and UHF Communications Equipment Services. OPEN
  11. ICG/028/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Provision for Litigation Services OPEN
  12. ICG/029/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for provision for Legislative Drafting Services. OPEN
  13. ICG/030/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Supply and Delivery of Legal Materials. OPEN
  14. ICG/031/2016/2017 Pre-qualification of Contractors for Provision of Hotels, Conferencing, Accommodation and Seminar Facilities. OPEN
  15. ICG/032/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Provision of Air Ticketing Services (IATA Registered Firm Only). OPEN
  16. ICG/033/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Provision for Landscaping and Beautifications. OPEN
  17. ICG/034/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Security Printing of Accountable Documents. OPEN
  18. ICG/035/2016/2017 Pre-qualification of Provision for Maintenance and Repair Services for Networking and Network Accessories. SPECIAL GROUP
  19. ICG/036/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Provision for Surveying and Planning Services. OPEN
  20. ICG/037/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Provision for Vehicle and Transport Hire Services OPEN
  21. ICG/038/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Provision for Environmental Impact Assessment and Audit Services. OPEN
  22. ICG/039/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Provision for Hire of Tents, Chairs and Public Address System, Video Coverage and Event Organization Services. OPEN
  23. ICG/040/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Provision for Repair and Maintenance of Office Equipment and Furniture. SPECIAL GROUP
  24. ICG/041/2016/2017 Prequalification for Provision for Repair and Servicing of Machinery Plants. OPEN
  25. ICG/042/2016/2017 Prequalification for Supply, Delivery and Installation of Generators OPEN
  26. ICG/043/2016/2017 Prequalification for Supply and Delivery of Office Furniture, Equipment and Fittings. OPEN
  27. ICG/044/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Supply ,Delivery and Installation of Electrical Fittings and Services OPEN
  28. ICG/045/2016/2017 Pre-qualification and Provision of Repair and Servicing of Motor Vehicles OPEN
  29. ICG/046/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Provision of Consultancy Services (Staff T.N.A, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Staff Work Environment, Prevalence of Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Gender Mainstreaming, Disability Mainstreaming, Corruption Eradication and Employee Satisfaction Survey, Proposal Writing, Design and Feasibility studies, Baseline Surveys, Civic Education etc.). OPEN
  30. ICG/047/2016/2017 Pre-qualification of Contractors for Building and Civil Works OPEN
  31. ICG/048/2016/2017 Pre-qualification of Road Works Contractors OPEN
  32. ICG/049/2016/2017 Pre-qualification of Contractors for Building – Construction, Small Building Works, Repairs and Maintenance Services SPECIAL GROUP
  33. ICG/050/2016/2017 Pre-qualification of Street Lighting Works / Installation OPEN
  34. ICG/051/2016/2017 Pre-qualification and Provision for Tourism Sites and Resource Mapping Services. OPEN
  35. ICG/052/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Supply and Delivery of Water Treatment Chemicals OPEN
  36. ICG/053/2016/2017 Prequalification for Supply and Delivery of Certified Seeds, Tree Seedlings, Fungicides, Insecticides and Sprays OPEN
  37. ICG/054/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Supply and Delivery of Genset, Control Panels, Water Pan Solar Panels and Windmills OPEN
  38. ICG/055/2016/2017 Prequalification for Provision of Security and Guard Services OPEN
  39. ICG/056/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Provision of Courier Services OPEN
  40. ICG/057/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Provision of Repair and Maintenance of Generators and Street Lights Services. OPEN
  41. ICG/058/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Provision of Drilling, Equipping, Test Pumping of Boreholes and Shallow Well Services OPEN
  42. ICG/059/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Supply and Delivery of Disaster Preparedness Equipment OPEN
  43. ICG/060/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Provision of Digital Broadcasting and Communication Services(Mobile, Internet, Radio And TV) OPEN
  44. ICG/061/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Provision of Branded Promotional Materials, Signage, Billboards, Asset Tagging/Marking and Outdoor Advertising Services. OPEN
  45. ICG/062/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Provision of Garbage Collection and Disposal Services SPECIAL GROUP
  46. ICG/063/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Provision of Formulation and Development of Policy Documents OPEN
  47. ICG/064/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Supply and Delivery of Dental Lab, Theatre, Physiotherapy and Medical Equipment OPEN
  48. ICG/065/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Provision of Cleaning Services(Offices, Carpets, Clothing Materials e.t.c) SPECIAL GROUP
  49. ICG/066/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Supply and Delivery of breeding Stock and Fingerlings OPEN
  50. ICG/067/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Supply and Delivery of Fish Feeds OPEN
  51. ICG/068/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Supply and Delivery of Aqua Cultural Equipment OPEN Fish Nets, PH Meter, DO Meter, Digital Weighing Machine, Feed mixer, Incubator, trays e.t.c
  52. ICG/069/2016/2017 Pre-qualification for Supply and Delivery of Fish Hormones OPEN
  53. ICG/070/2016/2017 Prequalification for provision of Servicing of street lights Generators and solar panels. OPEN

For further requirements for Tenders ICG/047/2016/2017, ICG/048/2016/2017, ICG/049/2016/2017, ICG/050/2016/2017 & ICG/058/2016/2017

  • Dully certified
  • Certificate of Registration/Incorporation
  • Copy of VAT and PIN Certificate from KRA 4.\ KRA current tax compliance certificate
  • Current Single Business Permit
  • Detailed Company/Business Profile
  • Relevant Experience
  • Registration certificate from Ministry of Public works, Ministry of Roads and National Construction Authority
  • List of Plant and Equipment
  • Audited Financial Account for the last three years
  • List of Key Personnel and proof of their qualification
  • For all Electrical works and services attach ERC Certificate

Completed tender documents should be put in plain sealed envelopes, clearly marked at the right hand side corner as Tender number…………… Indicating the tender Name and addressed to:-



P.OBOX 36, 60300


Should be deposited at the tender box placed outside the County Treasury office, or sent by registered mail so as to reach Isiolo County Government Offices not later than 6th June 2016 at 11.00 a.m. Tenders will be opened immediately thereafter in the County Treasury Office Tenderers or their representatives may attend and witness the tender opening.

The County Government will notify the successful and unsuccessful bidders.

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