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    I would like to register the pesapal buyer account

  • kenbedrock jakadel

    zuku is fine

  • Dan

    Are there any charges to integrate the pesapal API into my clients website?…what about contracts, shall I have to come with the client in person to your offices to sign?

  • Hello Joe,currently PesaPal has not enabled payment of Kenya Power electricity bills via their system,so you will have to use the Mpesa Paybill functionality to pay for your electricty.
    Kenya Power Business No. is 888888 and then you enter your full electricity A/c No. and the amount to pay.

    To check your outstanding Kenya Power Bill send a text with the first part of your Account no to 5551.

  • Joe Goga

    Someone please tell me how I would pay my electricity bill via my pesa pal a/c

  • Global Asset Statistic, a locally based company would like to register for use of pesa pal and others on its website.