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Genuine Nokia Phone Dealers in Nairobi Kenya

Nokia Phones In KenyaAfter buying a genuine 1100 Nokia phone some few years back, I came to like the brand. Over the years I have used a couple of other phone brands but recently I felt like reverting to my first love. So I went shopping for a new Nokia phone. What I got was really surprising and there is no better demonstration of how China products have taken over the Kenyan electronics market. I got some Nokia branded phones but on a closer look most didn’t seem to fit my profile of genuine Nokia phones. Back to our main story, feeling like I might be bitten at my own game by savvy and convincing salespeople, I decided to do some research online for genuine Nokia dealers in Kenya. Apparently Safaricom is one of Nokia genuine phone dealers in Kenya. Most Safaricom shops across Kenya stock different Nokia models. I also came up with another list of Genuine Nokia Phone Dealers in Nairobi: Kindly Note that Nokia changes its list of authorized distributors occasionally so actually getting the most updated list of distributors can be tough but here is one we thought fitted the profile with a short profile of the business

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  1. GATES says:

    im looking for nokia e61 i screen. where can i get?

  2. john says:

    Good afternoon, am looking for touch screen digitizer glass for nokia lumia 720, where can i get it and with how much.

  3. Anonymous says:

    how much does a nokia n9 screen cost

  4. Anonymous says:

    how much does a nokia lumia 520 screen cost

  5. Anonymous says:

    i’m in search of a nokia 2220 slide. Also in search of an E71 case.

  6. admin says:

    Hi,unfortunately the phones are no longer in the market.Thanks.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Please can I get 12 pcs of Nokia 110? Whats the best deal?
    0717 399181

  8. peter mosea says:

    Can i get a discovery battery huawei y300 please let me know

  9. Great Post. I just found out that there’s a Nokia Online Store. See link here; http://www.nokiaonlinestore.com/

  10. chris says:

    how much does replacing a lumia 520 screen cost

  11. prestone says:

    can i get a body for my Nokia 5330 phone..how much

  12. leviticus says:

    am using n8 n i lost some featurs how can i recover them back? N also am looking for hdmi cable.

  13. Hi,
    I need a tourch screen for my NOKIA 701. Can i get a genuine one?
    I went to sone local dealers who tried to fix one but it failed to work. Kindly direct me to any Genuine Nokia dealer within Western Kenya. Am from MALABA.

  14. Skee says:

    I need a working Nokia N97 motherboard pronto

  15. richie says:


  16. Joseph says:

    How much will it cost to flash and reset a nokia c6 Symbian smartphone?

  17. Joan says:

    mY nokia 6600 SCREEN keep going off i love this phone it has served me for 4 years without fail as much as i want to buy another phone i need to keep this for house use what can i do for genuine repair

  18. Victor Omulo says:

    I need a Nokia C5 phone urgently. Who knows where I can get one?

  19. Alexander mulili says:

    hey there, I own nokia asha 303 and has never been able to stream live DSTV althugh it’s claimed of its cabability, whats this and how can I do?

  20. Do you have NOKIA LUMIA 920 in your store and how much is it in USD?

  21. Caroline Wasike says:

    Midcom phones are fake!!!

  22. Susan says:

    Is Nokia twist available in kenya? I want to buy a present for my nieces birthday

  23. carol says:

    hey where can i buy a case and battery for nokia n95 and how much is it?

  24. patrick says:

    how much is nokia lumia 620 and where can i get one… is now in kenya

  25. Cathy says:

    Hi, which genuine Nokia phones are there in the market at the price range between 1500 and 3000. An exactly where can i get one.

  26. admin says:

    Hello David,
    Please contact Midcom via the No.0737201013 or visit their Facebook Page via this link http://www.facebook.com/MidcomEastAfrica

  27. david wanyoike says:

    I am a nokia fan for years, On december 2012 i bought asha 302 and won instant 311. So far nokia / midcom has not delivered and its almost two months…. whats happening here?????
    My i.d is 22413452 and cell no. 0701 110 102.

    David wanyoike.

  28. admin says:

    Not sure but apparently will be hitting the Kenyan market in February.
    Let’s hope it does.

  29. R.S.S. says:

    why does it take so long to get the lumia 620 in Kenya?

  30. Mwangi Wambiu says:

    hey do you have a Nokia Lumia 510 in your stores and if there how much is it going for.

  31. admin says:

    Hello Sylvester,
    the Nokia Lumia 620 is currently not in the Kenyan market but likely will be available next month.
    Will get in contact then.
    Thank you.

  32. sylvester juma says:

    Do you have Nokia lumia 620 and what is the price?

  33. Johness says:

    I need a new & genuine double SIM Nokia Asha 305 in Malindi, Kenya. My contact 0721 344 237 or 0735 984 235

  34. Johness says:

    Where can I buy a Nokia Asha 305 (double SIM) in Malindi, Coast Province of Kenya – East Africa

  35. Who are the Nokia phone dealers in Thika?if one wants to purchase a phone;like nokia C3-01

  36. Allan says:

    Where can i get a nokia E61i and at how much?

  37. Caroline says:

    where can i buy a nokia lumia 920 in kenya and how much does it cost?

  38. Edna says:

    oooh i was forgeting to ask the price of both the case and the keypad?

  39. Edna says:

    my nokia E 72 is still very good in functioning however the case has seriously weared out would you advice where to get a new case together with the keypad?

  40. mumbi says:

    how much is a nokia asha 303 and where can i get it in nairobi?

  41. mumbi says:


  42. mumbi says:

    HOW MUCH IS NOKIA 303 IN ONE OF YOUR SHOPS? Gimme directions to one of your shops

  43. Theophilus says:

    kindly am looking for an Nokia 6500 classic.. how soon can i get one..

  44. Ann munee says:

    Hi!i would like to know the price of genuine Nokia N9 and the shop in Nairobi.

  45. Evaline Ndunge says:


  46. Stephen Ondiek says:

    I need a nokia X2-02 is it available in your store? and how much does it cost

  47. cyprian says:

    i have a lumia 800 black preowned but in a mint condition. im selling for 29k. contact me on 0701507610

  48. Mark Mbuthia says:

    i need a new nokia n8, urgently, i am in nairobi.

  49. gift says:

    Im in really bad need of either nokia lumia 610 or 710 where can i get them in kisumu and please quote the prices ….i want to upgrade from nokia c3-00 …i just love nokia phones

  50. Boniface says:

    I am looking for Nokia E71

  51. Mwangi says:

    Hi, where can I find the Nokia C5-03 or the C6-01. I’ll appreciate

  52. Derrick says:

    Hello, i would like to know the price of Nokia Mural and where I can get it in Nairobi please

  53. Stella says:

    Hi i want to purchase a nokia X3-02 as soon as possible. i want a BLACK one. where can i find one and how much is it retailing at??
    Your swift response will be highly appreciated.

  54. admin says:

    Hey people,we have updated the link to Genuine Nokia phone dealers in Kenya.Please follow here.

  55. Emmanuel Okoth says:

    I looking for Nokia C1. Can I get atleast 1,000 units?

  56. thagana says:

    i am looking for nokia 808 has it reached kenya and if it has whare cani buy and at what cost?

  57. odhiambo grace says:

    i have a problem with my Nokia x1-02, and is unable to receive calls, where is the genuine Nokia office in kisumu , so that i visit them personally? please advice. thank you.

  58. daniel says:

    do you nokia 500 in stock?

  59. ambrose kimutai molel says:

    ray. Where i u? Contact me ambrosemolel@gmail.com

  60. Ray says:

    I’m selling my two-months old nokia n82 at 12k. It’s as good as new!

  61. Elijah Maingi says:

    I badly need a nokia c6-01.is it available n how much is it retailing @.

  62. shiku says:

    hi im looking to buy a genuine nokia duo sim in nairobi which shops can i find one

  63. ambrose kimutai molel says:

    how can i get nokia n82 and how much? Plz i want 2 buy

  64. njuguna says:

    hi i clashed my nokia e90 display-both displays.can i get genuine replacement and where?i have tried nakuru.kindly reply

  65. BEN says:


  66. kariuki says:

    kindly get me a nokia c3 and tell me the prices

  67. Eliud kahiga says:

    I have a Nokia 2720-a fold, it blew its IC and i was told its not repairable. Can it be fixed with a new motherboard or can it be repaired and if so where can i get the motherboard in Nairobi?

  68. admin says:

    I agree with you David,their has been a lot of fake imitations of Nokia phones in the market in the recent years.
    This has been a major issue for Nokia since controlling the production of the fakes is a tough or almost impossible task.
    Good thing is that Nokia has devised means for buyers to authenticate genuine Nokia phones before purchasing.
    Will be doing a post shortly on how you can do this…….

  69. David says:

    I have all along been using nokia phone for almost ten years now, but really to ask i was disapointed by the fact that Nokia Company can allow other manufactures to immitate their brands. i bought a Nokia phone once and it was hell. i cannot count the number of times i used to visit various phone repair shops. at last i had to discard it. please let Nokia be Nokia.

  70. KAMA siomimi says:

    is the lumia range yet in kenya, n if so hw mch is the 800/710?

  71. Mic says:

    Is HTC Droid Eris and Coby7inch kyros tablet in your stock?, please email me your prices if available

  72. Gratius says:

    Hello there,
    May I please know whether u hav a Nokia X3-02 in your stores?
    And how much it goes for. I wanna acquire one.

  73. khamudy says:

    hey,am willing to know how much does N9 cost?

  74. Kindly get me a nokia c6 or a nokia n97. Tell me the prices.

  75. admin says:

    Hi scai,
    You can get the Nokia C3 from Safaricom Shops in Mombasa.
    Currently it is retailing at Ksh9,499.
    Follow this link for Safaricom Shops in Coast

  76. Scai says:

    Hi, iam looking for a price tag of Nokia c3 here in Mombasa. How much does it go for from where iam

  77. admin says:

    Thanks for the inquiry.Please contact Nokia East Africa via their Twitter Handle @NokiaEastAfrica

  78. Emanuel says:

    i would like to find out if tho nokia lumia 710/800 is available in Nairobi and at what price

  79. lee asila says:

    which great nokia phone can i get for 10k?,and with great features

  80. grace says:

    hi am looking for an original and genuin e72 battery how much and where can i get one asap?

  81. JOSEPH says:

    Someone please get me a genuine face for nokia n82. 0727849676.

  82. Nicholas Mutahi says:

    Hi,Would like to find out if the Nokia asha 303 is available in the Kenyan market and how much it would go for.

  83. admin says:

    Thanks for your inquiry.Apparently we don’t have a certified Nokia technician in Nakuru but you can contact these guys.

  84. Alphaxard murai says:

    Where can I find a genuine Nokia technitian in nakuru?

  85. admin says:

    Thanks for your inquiry.
    Would like to help you get a genuine Nokia X3 phone.
    Please send us your location and phone contacts.(Note:Wont be viewed publicly)
    Thank you.

  86. hadijah says:

    am interest in getting a brand new phone at this place .i need Nokia x3

  87. admin says:

    According to the dealers we contacted,the phone is no longer available in the Kenyan market.
    Hey but who knows someone reading this post might be having unsold stock.
    Good luck with your search!!

  88. PAUL O. says:

    kindly get me a NOKIA N82 plz

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