Companies that offer freight services to Kenyan exporters


Companies that offer freight services to Kenyan exporters

Kenya like every other country does trade with a variety of countries which include exporting its products and vice versa importing from other countries.Kenya exports a variety of products and like any business function,exporting costs significantly impact the cost of the product and profitability.Most major freight companies charge highly to export products most of the times locking out Kenyan businesses wanting to expand and export their products outside Kenya.

We are going to compile a list of freight companies that offer affordable and reliable freight(air or sea) services from Kenya to other countries:-

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  • Wiseway Freighters Ltd profile on

    Clearing and Forwarding.

     Proper customs documentation and declaration.

     Offer 21 days free storage at CFS’s of our choice for sea freight.

     Clearance done within 7 days after shipment arrival.

     Delivery within 12 hours after loading of goods.

     We clear Airfreight shipments within 48 hours.

     Super service contracts with major shipping lines within 21 days free at destination and zero container deposit.

    Freight Forwarding and Shipping.

     We collect and arrange shipments across the whole world.

     Presence in 3 continents through able international partners namely; Europe, Africa and Asia.

     We offer flexible and affordable rates on major Airlines.

     We also offer flexible credit terms on freight payments.


     We have our own fleet of trucks with customized security systems with highly trained and experienced drivers.

     High standards of safety and care of goods.

     Affordable rates to every destination within Kenya and the larger East and Central Africa.  We offer on call services for export and removals.

    Other Services Include;

     Free consultancy services for our own clients.

     Faster processing of IDF’s and extensive credit period on IDF fees.

     Guaranteed accuracy in customs declaration.

     Super filling systems and document processing.

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