BiasharaPoint Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is

We are a Kenyan based website offering product and service listings mainly targeted at businesses. We focus on Business to Business(B2B) listings where manufacturers/wholesalers are looking for retailers and other lower tier businesses to market their products to or Business to Consumer(B2C) listings where a business seeks to market their products to consumers directly.

How can I list on BiasharaPoint?

It costs Ksh300 for a lifetime listing on . Once your ad is listed we do not pull it down unless of course you request for it to be deleted from our databases.

Does BiasharaPoint sell any products or offer any services?

No.Currently Biasharapoint only lists products and services of behalf of businesses and advertisers. We are not affiliated to any companies or organizations. We encourage all our website visitors to contact dealers directly when inquiring for more information regarding a specific product or service they have seen listed on the website.All ads have dealer contacts below them.


What makes BiasharaPoint unique from other listing websites?

All listings sent to our team are given individual attention unlike an automated system other sites use for listing ads.We carefully optimize each listing so that the likelihood of each ad reaching its potential market is high.Listings posted on the website are also automatically posted to all our social media pages instantly with your ads reaching thousands in an instant.

How can I contact Biasharapoint?

If you have any queries send us an email to . You can also visit any of our social media pages on Facebook,Twitter,LinkedIn and Google+ to contact us. Just search “Biasharapoint”. You can also call us on +254 706 196 390

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